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Another recipe hitting Aimsy’s Antics today. Taking on a Spanish influence, I will show you how I made one of the many tapas dishes from a girls night a few weeks ago. Chorizo in red wine!

You may remember I hosted a tapas evening a few weeks ago for the girls, where I served a lovely citrusy white sangria. Well, today I bring you one of the tapas dishes that I served alongside this refreshing drink. A dish that you would think of sitting in a Spanish tapas bar soaking up the summer sun. Chorizo in red wine. Yum! You can see a sneak peek of how I made this over on my Instagram Stories.

A blue and white patterned bowl with chorizo in red wine in it.


Tapas is usually a small dish of Spanish food. This can be as a snack size or appetiser size. Typically it is served with drinks, and designed to be eaten slowly whilst you drink. Historically, tapas was pieces of thinly sliced meat or bread to cover the tops of drinks. As a result, it stopped fruit flies getting into the drink between mouthfuls. It further evolved to bar owners creating dishes to retain customers, as some of the dishes were salty, leading customers needing to drink more. Clever marketing eh?!

Nowadays you can have a full meal of varying tapas dishes, think ‘La Tasca‘ or ‘Iberica’ as places around the UK to enjoy. Chorizo can feature in a lot of dishes, which is why I decided on serving this lovely dish during my tapas evening. This was dish number one of five main tapas dishes (excluding bread, meat with a cheese platter, and toasted tortillas).

A variety of tapas dishes set out on a table. A 'I love Tapas' lightbox in the background, with flowers and drinks.

How to make Chorizo in Red Wine:

Chorizo in red wine or chorizo en Vino Tinto is super simple to make, and totally tasty! Now, there are a few ways to make this dish. One way is to soak the chorizo in the red wine overnight, however, I opted to cook it first. You can also always serve it as soon as you make it, but giving it a bit longer to mature makes it all the tastier.


So, to make this recipe of chorizo in red wine you are going to need:

  • 200g Chorizo, cut into rounds
  • 200 ml Spanish Red Wine (small bottle)
  • 1 Red Onion, diced
  • 2 tsp Olive oil

Chorizo in Red Wine:

Now that you have all your ingredients, it is time to prepare them to make this yummy tapas dish. I would definitely recommend preparing all of your ingredients before starting to cook. So, get out your chopping board and dice up your onions and garlic, then cut your chorizo into rounds.

Chopped Chorizo in rounds on a chopping board and red onion diced on a blue and white patterned side plate

Step 1 – Cook your onion

Heat the olive oil in your chosen pan. When hot enough begin to cook your onions until they are soft and translucent. Be careful not to burn the onion though, so you may need to turn down the heat at this point!

Red onions cooking in a black pan with a silicone spatula stirring.

Step 2 – Add Chorizo

It’s time to grab that yummy chorizo now and add it to the pan of onions. Cook this until the colour starts to darken, and if you like, begins to crispy.

Chorizo cooking in a pan with red onions. Close up shot

Step 3 – Add the red wine

Now it is time to add in the red wine, so open your small bottle and pour it in. Let this bubble a bit then turn it to a simmer. You want to cook this so that the alcohol burns off. Let the liquid reduce and thicken slightly. Once it has reduced, you can serve the dish straight away, or move onto the next step of leaving it overnight.

Red wine being poured into a pan of chorizo and red onions

Step 4 – Leave overnight (optional)

So, the purpose of this step is to allow the dish to mature and soak in the red wine. Other recipes for this dish call for the chorizo to be soaked in the red wine before cooking. When ready to serve; reheat the dish. Ensure that it is piping hot! You may find that the chorizo crispies more and has darkened further in colour.

Chorizo cooking in red wine in a pan

Step 5 – Serve & enjoy

The dish should be ready now for you to serve and enjoy. This could be eaten as it is or on top of some crusty bread. You can also use the crusty bread to dip up some of the delicious red wine sauce. Scrummy!

Chorizo in red wine in a blue and white patterned bowl.
Chorizo in red wine in a blue and white patterned bowl.

So there is my recipe for making chorizo in red wine sauce. Looks tasty, doesn’t it?
I originally was inspired by this Tapas book*, which has some really yummy dishes in to try. Keep tuned to Aimsy’s Antics as I will be posting more of the tapas recipes for the other dishes I made on the tapas night.
*The link above is an affiliate link therefore if you purchase the cookbook through this link, I may earn a small amount of commission at no extra cost to you*

Have you tried chorizo in red wine before? What do you think of this recipe? Let me know in the comments below!

As always, thanks for reading!
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    1. Tapas / picky food is my fav too…you can have a bit of everything then! I love chorizo, and this dish is super tasty!
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    1. Tapas is one of my favourites…a little bit of everything!
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    1. Let me know what you think if you do try this! I think it is super tasty!
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    1. Oh, it is so tasty! You don’t really taste the red wine, but a lovely richness…yum!
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