There are so many doors to open. I am impatient to begin…

Okay so here goes…nerves and excitement. My first blog post!

…And breathe! 

Hello and welcome to my blog, Aimsy’s Antics.

I have been thinking about starting a blog for months (even years), and never plucked up the courage to begin, always wondering; what would I write about and who would even read it? Well, times have changed and I have finally taken the plunge! The nerves and self-doubt have hopefully subsided and I am feeling excited about starting this blog, and seeing where it leads me to. I hope you will join me on this journey.

A little about me…

I am a twenty-something with a keen interest in travel and all things creative. This includes; photography (point and shoot style), sewing, baking and cooking. I also enjoy a good meal and drink (who doesn’t?!).
You will soon find out that I have an infinite love of all things Greek (picture above may be a hint), from the country, the people, to their cuisine, and most of my future travel blog posts will probably be around my antics in and around Greece.
I plan on writing about all the above and thus I guess this blog could be considered a ‘Lifestyle’ blog. 

I guess I am going to treat this blog like another one of my hobbies, with the added bonus of developing my other creative skills along the way. My sewing machine may even get the cobwebs blown off it! Win-Win!
I never wrote a diary when I was younger, but about age 8 I did attempt to write my first novel…this blog may just take me back to that time.

Future Posts…

I haven’t quite figured out how regularly I am going to post, but I do have several post ideas brewing in my mind. I have just come back from a lovely week away in the beautiful town of Parga in Greece, so there is no doubt that one of these posts will be chronicling my antics. I also have a birthday coming up, as well as my parents anniversary and father’s day, so I am sure there will be plenty of shenanigans to base a few posts on.

Phew!! There goes my first blog post…that wasn’t so hard!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you will visit again.

Please feel free to comment, and offer any feedback or tips that you may have!

A little bit of info on the quote and picture:
Quote: “There are so many doors open. I am impatient to begin.” “Charlie Gordan” -Daniel Keyes, Flowers for Algernon.
I chose this quote to name my first post, as I felt it expressed how I am feeling about this blog.

The picture above is taken from my trip to Skiathos on a day trip to Skopelos last year. I felt it encompassed the feel of my blog and connected to the above quote in some way. Bougainvillaea is also my all time favourite plant!
The photo was taken with my old point-and-shoot camera: Nikon Coolpix s3400. – Photos taken pre 2017 will most likely to have been taken with this camera.