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About Me:

I am a twenty-something with keen interests in travel, and all things creative (you name it, and I will attempt to make it), as well as enjoying a good meal and drink. 

Aimsy’s Antics was born as a means of sharing my travel stories, and hopefully inspiring you to visit some the places I have. You will find that I mainly travel in Europe (when I am able to) especially my happy place – Greece! You will find that I have an infinite love for all things Greek, from the country, the people to their cusuine.

 The blog has since developed to include more of my creative side. I love nothing more than sitting down to create something, be it a sewing project, making my own products or a DIY project. Hopefully I am able to ‘kill two birds with one stone’ by developing my creative skills, documenting it and inspiring you to have a go too in the process!

Most of my travel posts also have a video/ travel vlog with them and newer craft posts also have a video tutorial. You can find these on the blog as well as over on my YouTube Channel. This is something that I am newly venturing into, so I hope you like this new layout/style from me.  

Running Aimsy’s Antics is currently a hobby, and I work full time. I always aim to have a new post go live once a week, usually on a Sunday. However, sometimes life can get in the way and this is not always achieved. You can keep up with all my antics over on my socials – Twitter and Instagram is probably the best place to find me, but check out my other socials too!

So whether you are here for travels or crafting, I hope there is something on Aimsy’s Antics to get you inspired. I guess you can call this a ‘lifestyle blog’… a real mixed bag of tricks! 

During my journey, I have been lucky enough to work with a few brands, including Panasonic, IceLolly and Ableforth’s Bathtub Gin to name a few. If you would be interested in collaborating with me, then please do not hesitate to get in touch via the Contact for or on aimsysantics@gmail.com

Photos on this blog are mainly my own, however there may be occasions where stock photos, or offical photos from the events I attend. All other photos will be given credit, when not my own.

I currently use the following to take my photos and/or videos:
-Canon Powershot 720 HS
-Fujifilm FinePix XP90
-Samsung Galaxy S9


Sometimes I am lucky enough to work with brands. In these cases, I will always disclose when I have done so by declaring AD on the post. These may be gifted products, experience, or events or paid partnerships. The following will be used on any of the posts:

-AD | Paid Partnership  – When I have been given payment to write about something.
-AD | Gifted or Gift – When I have been gifted an item.
-AD | Press Event – When I have been invited to an event due to being a blogger/ beacuse of my blog. 

If you are ever unclear, then please ask. I always aim to be transparent on Aimsy’s Antics

In addition to this I will always declare the partnership or reasoning within the blog post; such as, “I am writing this post because I attended….event”.

All reviews are always my own views and thoughts. All posts on Aimsy’s Antics have been written by me, and I never accept pre-written posts. I am open to guest posts from other bloggers, and these will always be explicitly stated during the post. 

Affiliate Links

At times I use affliate links on my site, which means I may earn a small amount of money if you buy something from clicking through the link. This is always at no extra cost to you. I always declare the affliate links within the post using and asterisk (*)


Any money I do earn through the blog, always goes back into Aimsy’s Antics. This hopefully helps to increase the quality of my content, so any support from you is always gratfully appreciated.

Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope you enjoy,

Aimsy xoxo

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