Hello and welcome to Aimsy’s Antics!

Profile picture in Santorini. Blue domes in the background.

I am a twenty-something with keen interests in travel, and all things creative – photography, sewing, baking, and cooking, as well as enjoying a good meal and drink. I am hoping to kill two birds with one stone, by developing my creative skills and documenting my progress.

I’ve started this blog mainly to share with you my travels (when I get to travel). You will soon find that I have an infinite love for all things Greek, from the country, the people to their cuisine.

I am also hoping to share some of my more creative side, such as baking, cooking and sewing skills, as well as my general antics…I know a mixed bag of tricks!

I guess you can call this a ‘lifestyle’ blog!

I will be posting mainly my own photos along with my blog using the following cameras:

-Canon Powershot 720 HS

-Fujifilm FinePix XP90

-Samsung Galaxy S6

Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope you enjoy,

Aimsy xoxo