Birthday Shenanigans


The weekend just gone was a very busy one…My birthday, my parent’s anniversary and of course father’s day.

Now, this weekend is always a busy one, and we always have something to celebrate! My parents were married two years before I was born, I then arrived the day before their second anniversary, and to top that off I was a present for my dad, as I was born on father’s day.

To start the weekend off, I had a lovely breakfast in bed where I opened my cards and prezzies. My mum bought me some lovely flowers, and I even got a surprise present from my friend in New Zealand delivered by the postman that morning.

After a little bit of organising and a trip to the supermarket, we decided to have a small lunch BBQ in the back garden.
We tried to keep it small-ish with a few shop bought items like coleslaw, potato salad and a prepared salad.
On the BBQ we had a variety of things – Chicken and Chorizo Kebabs, Mango chicken, and chilli prawn skewers. We also opted for the best cheese to grill – halloumi! It was delicious and a lovely chilled way to celebrate my birthday.

It was nice to sit out in the garden with the sun shining for once, as it usually it rains on my birthday, or when we have planned an event for the following weekend. I remember my 18th birthday, we organised a big party in the garden, with gazebos and a BBQ. I had chosen a pirate theme, so everyone was to come in fancy dress, and we painstakingly created an outline of a pirate ship made out of cardboard. By the end of the night that was a mushed up mess in the garden, but it was definitely a party to remember.

18th Birthday Party- Pirate Ship

It also wouldn’t have been a BBQ without a little drinky-poos – I opted for one of those frozen type cocktails, a strawberry daiquiri version. It was nice, but I preferred the Pina Colada version best.

Now I really wanted to be away for my birthday this year, preferably somewhere warm in a European city, like Barcelona, drinking cocktails in the sun and on rooftop bars. Unfortunately, I couldn’t do that as I had a sneaky week away in Parga, Greece around two weeks prior (I am still preparing a separate blog post about that trip). As it turned out though, the UK was experiencing a mini heat wave, so I could sit in the sun with cocktails and visit a few rooftop bars in Leeds, in the afternoon going into the evening with my friends.

The Belgrave Music Hall 

I was planning on taking lots of pics of the bars we visited, however totally forgot once I was in the company of my friends, only taking the picture above.

We only visited three bars; Headrow House, The Belgrave Music Hall and The Mean Eyed Cat.
The first place we visited (Headrow House) was so busy, I think everyone had the same idea that we had! The next step was; The Belgrave Music Hall, which was busy, but not as much as the first. I think their rooftop bar is a bit of a hidden gem, and you do not realise it is there. I love this place as you can buy big slices of pizza to take to your table, as well as burgers and fries. It feels so relaxed, and everyone is in the same frame of mind.
My friends had told me about another bar that has opened in Leeds- The Mean Eyed Cat. It has such a great concept for a bar with a different type of happy hour – free 6″ pizza with every drink between the hours of 5 pm – 9 p.m every day. During this time you also get the chance to roll a dice on every round/drink you buy and depending on the number you may get the round free or a certain percentage off the price.
Unfortunately I was not lucky with the dice and had to pay full price, however, my friend was really lucky, rolling a six twice, meaning they got two rounds for free!
We decided not to push our luck any further and called it a night after this.

 Birthday Cake

The following day was my parent’s anniversary and father’s day so we planned to go for a meal with my brother and his family, at a lovely new-ish Greek restaurant in the Adel area of Leeds called Amalthea (I am planning on writing a separate post for this which I will link to in this post.).
The lovely hot and sunny weather continued which made it feel like we were away in Greece, especially when sitting outside with a freshly made frappe (Greek iced coffee). I also had my all time favourite Greek dish, Gemista, (stuffed peppers or tomatoes) which was so true to the ones that I have eaten during my many travels around the Greek Islands. I was definitely in my element!


After we had our fill of yummy Greek food, we headed back home to soak up the sun in the garden, with a cheeky prosecco to toast the day. One Prosecco may have lead to two or three…
We had a little surprise for my favourite little person in the world, my niece. Last year we invested in a little paddling pool for her, however, we have not always had the best weather to use it, so this day was the best chance we had. At first, she was a little dubious of it, but soon was in splashing about, and she loved it! She even had us in there with her jumping in the water.
It was such a lovely end to the weekend.

Well, I think I may have waffled on a bit there, and if you made it this far, then thank you for reading!

I may be a bit late in writing and posting this blog post, as the next weekend is upon us already! I am already planning the next few blog posts, and have some plans this weekend that may be documented in another blog post, so stay tuned!

I keep mentioning a post about my recent trip to Parga, Greece, which I am very close to finishing. I am in the finishing touches stage of editing a little holiday video/vlog of my time there, and I am wanting to link or embed this into the post, so please bear with me.

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