Places I Would Love to Visit at Christmas Time

The Countdown to Christmas time is on! I did plan on completing Blogmas this year. I tried to plan and had about 4 posts scheduled but I was pretty rubbish at being organised and wasn’t liking the quality of the posts that I was trying to produce. Instead, I am still going to write a few Christmas themed posts to countdown to Christmas, but just not to the depth and frequency of Blogmas…Let’s call this Aimsmas!

I thought for this post, I would round up five of the places where I would like to visit
during the Christmas season. Here are my top 5 places I would love to visit at Christmas time.

1. NYC

I would absolutely love to visit New York during Christmas time. From seeing this amazing city on various Christmas films, it really makes me want to visit to experience the magic of Christmas. The famous Rockefeller Centre Christmas tree, ice skating (or attempting to) in Central Park and the amazing 5th Avenue window displays…so much to see and do!

Black and white image of NYC at Christmas time, with fairy lights covering several trees.

2. Paris

A little closer to home is this one, but I think Paris would be magical at Christmas time. I have seen photos of the twinkling lights or the Champs-Elysées and The Eiffel Tower which look so beautiful. I have also read that you can ice skate on the first level of the Eiffel Tower, which would have amazing views of the city. Although, I am pretty poor at ice skating so probably wouldn’t see much of the view! There’s also the array of shops that I suspect would have very glam and classy window displays, and of course the wonderful selection of patisserie displays, perfect for a bit of Christmas present shopping.

Night view of Paris, with the Eiffel Tower lit up with lights.

3. Berlin and Cologne

Ok, this is two places, but I was finding it hard to choose between them. With Christmas comes great Christmas markets, and where better to visit than the King of all Christmas markets…Germany! Now, I love a good Christmas market, and in Leeds, we have some form of a German market, which is well worth a visit at least once in the Christmas season for a mulled wine and Bratwurst. I would love to experience a ‘proper’ Christmas market and these can be found all over Germany. Both Berlin and Cologne have quite a few in the city and set within beautiful architectural buildings to get into the Christmas spirit. What’s not to love?

4. Edingburgh

I have never visited Edinburgh and would love to visit at any time of the year, but I think the city would be extra special during Christmas time.

Seeing pictures of the wonderful lights on George Street, and the various Christmas markets that you can visit, which make me want to visit. I would, however, prefer to visit for New Year or Hogmanay. It looks like an absolutely brilliant way to ring in the new year. A massive street party on Princess street, with live music, great food and fireworks, not to mention a few other events leading up to this.

5. Dublin

I absolutely love Dublin, and it has to be one of my favourite cities to visit. I have visited in the months of February, April and September and would love to add December to that list.

Grafton street is beautiful but is made more beautiful by the Christmas lights, and a perfect place to listen to a few buskers along the way. Not to mention the window displays in the vast array of shops along this street. I’m sure there is also some kind of Christmas market, which used to be housed in St Stephen’s Green, but has since moved. I can’t forget the wonderful Irish Whiskey Museum where a special Irish coffee would help with warming up from the cold outside.

 So there are the five places I would like to visit during Christmas time.
Have you got these on your list?
Where would you like to visit during Christmas?

We are one day closer to Christmas! Check back for further Christmas themed posts. Spiced Arancello is perfect for the upcoming Christmas season!

P.S. Photos used in this post are not my own but were found on several different free stock photo websites. Fingers crossed I can take my own pics of these places one day!

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