Why I Took A Break From Blogging

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You may or may not have noticed my lack of posts both here on the blog and over on my social media accounts over the last two months, but that is about to change as from today. I am officially back or attempting to be!

I’ve debated with myself with what I wanted to write in this post, as I generally try to keep a lot of my private life off of the blog, mainly posting about different things I have gotten up to. After having quite a bit of time to think, I’ve decided that writing it out in a blog post may help; one for giving an explanation of my absence and two for giving me a bit of an outlet of ‘talking’ about what’s happened over the last two months.

So, my last post; Cocktails in Leeds was published on 31st March, and then I more or less went radio dark (or is it radio silent?), especially on this blog. Just before the post went live and five days after, we had two deaths in the family, with one being an uncle on my mum’s side, followed by my grandma, again on my mum’s side. I didn’t think the latter death would affect me as much as it did, but it did; the two months of lack of motivation to post anything on this blog just goes to prove that. As the saying goes “Time heals everything” and I guess this is sort of true, I now feel ready to get back on track with the blog, in fact, I felt sort of ready a few weeks ago, but again life got in the way.

Woman sitting on studio bench

Woman portrait

That’s my grandma in the above pictures. There truly was something glamorous about how they did things in the good ole’ days, like these lovely studio portraits. She was such a strong lady, bringing up nine children on her own, with little money to do so. She remained fairly strong and at times defiant through her diagnosis of Dementia, and even though this horrible disease did alter her, you could see glimpses of the person she was and used to be. Her usual sayings over the past few years were “I know” and “he’s /she’s always doing that”, and were obviously her way of masking not knowing always what was going on around her, but whenever I hear something along those lines now, it always makes me laugh to myself. Her last few weeks weren’t that pleasant both for her and us watching her slowly deteriorate, but she was never one for fuss and always maintained that she was okay even though she wasn’t. It was one of those situations that you knew was coming but when it happened you were still shocked that it did. Wherever she is I hope she is happy and dancing along to “In the mood” by Glen Miller, one of her favourites. I like to think your energy lives on somewhere after you are gone, don’t you agree?

Anyway, here is to the lovely woman I called grandma! Always here…

Christmas celebrations

The future…

So, now that its out there, here is to moving forward!

There is so much to catch up on; I went on a weekend away to visit a friend in Wales at some point in March, so hopefully, I will get myself organised and write that post up. I was hoping that I would be more organised this year but it wasn’t to be. haha! I also booked a last minute holiday to Mykonos, and boy did I need the break! Why do you always feel like you need another holiday after? Again there is a post and vlog to showcase this trip currently in progress.
In a few weeks I am lucky enough to be jetting away again for a girls city break to Madrid, so if you have any recommendations of what to see and do in this city, any advice and tips would be greatly received!

I’ve also got a few other little things planned in between, and as I write this I am nearly coming to the end of a step challenge at work as it is the national walking month in May. I was so proud of myself that I managed to get a lot of steps and walking in whilst away in Mykonos. I even managed 31,000 steps the other day after a walk along the canal, which I’m hoping to get near or beat when I take on one of the Yorkshire Peaks tomorrow! Wish me luck!

Girl standing in Mykonos
Sneak peak of my time in Mykonos

Have you ever taken a break from blogging, for any reason? How did you get back into the swing of things?
Let me know in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Why I Took A Break From Blogging

  1. I’m sorry you’ve been through it lately. Watching an elderly relative pass is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. As you said, even though you expect it, it’s still shocking. So it’s important to remember them as they lived, not as they died. Just like you have here

    Your holiday to Mykonos sounds amazing. Congrats on the 31,000 steps!

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment!
      I am in the process of writing the Mykonos post at the moment, hoping to get it finished and out there as soon as I can.
      I managed to do another 31,000 when I climbed Whernside (one of the Yorkshire 3 peaks)! Felt great to have conquered it!

      Aimsy xoxo

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