A Taste of Lebanon – Comptoir Libanais Review


So this weekend we had a little guest over (my niece). We took her for a shopping trip into Leeds and came across a lovely restaurant to recharge our batteries…Comptoir Libanais. Here is my review of the place.

Comptoir Libanais is a chain of Lebanese canteens, with 19 restaurants around the UK. I visited the Leeds branch which can be found in Leeds Trinity, inside ‘Everyman Cinema’ to be in fact.

When you first walk in the mass of bright colours great you, shortly followed by the various wares you can buy or as they like to call it the ‘Souk’. There are teapots, tagines and brightly coloured bags on display, as well as a variety of edible good such a jars of pickled fruit and veg, Turkish Delight and Baklawa. The restaurant is based on the right-hand side of the cinema entrance, with the stairs overlooking the restaurant.
The floor and walls are adorned with Lebanese tiles, which give an instant brightness to the place. It really complements and sells the theme the restaurant is going for. The top windows were stain glass, so when the light hit it just right your table was adorned with multicoloured lights. There is even a large mural on one of the far walls. I was in awe and didn’t know where to look first, but I knew I absolutely loved the design!


We were greeted by a lovely friendly waitress who organised a table for us to sit at. The menus were already placed on the tables, and we were informed that the breakfast deal was still on. We visited the restaurant just before 11 a.m (brunch time), with breakfast orders finishing at 11.30 a.m.
From the breakfast menu, two of us chose to have Sojok (spicy Armenian lamb sausage), roasted tomato and scrambled eggs on brioche and one of us choosing smoked salmon and scrambled egg on brioche. With breakfast, you had the option of a fresh fruit juice (included in the price of £6.95), with one orange, one mixed juice and one apple, orange and cucumber being ordered. We ordered warm drinks to go with brunch too; a cappuccino and the special fresh rose mint tea served in a silver teapot.
We also got a fresh apple juice for the little one and an order of scrambled eggs with pita, Lebanese potatoes and hommos. An added bonus to this was with an adult meal the children’s was free!

The fresh juice took a bit longer to arrive, as these are freshly pressed on order, which we did not mind, as we were in no rush to leave. The best bit about the drinks was the rose mint tea…this was so refreshing and tasty and was drank from small glasses rather than a cup. It really did complement the food.
The food arrived in good time and was delicious. The Armenian lamb sausage had just the right amount of spice to it, initially I thought it was going to be too spicy, however, my palate soon adjusted. The scrambled eggs looked a bit different to how I would cook them, looking like they had been fried slightly, however they were still tasty. The portion size was just enough to fill, but not overfill.
Unfortunately, the little one fell asleep about 5 minutes before the food arrived, and therefore did not get to taste her lovely meal. The waitress kindly offered to bag this up for us, and we were able to take this back for her to eat later.

Rose Mint Tea


Rose Mint Tea


Little one’s breakfast
Takeaway bag
Sojok, roasted tomato, scrambled egg on brioche


I would highly recommend this gem of a place and feel it is hidden away a little with it being in the same place as the cinema. At the time we visited there were not many tables occupied, however, as lunchtime came around there were quite a few people popping in for a bite to eat.
Next time we will definitely sample something from the main menu or even the offered meze!

If you want to know more about this little place head on over to Comptoir Libanais – This is not a sponsored post in any way, just my own opinion on a lovely little restaurant we stumbled upon.

Where would be your favourite place to visit for brunch?

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