Blog Overhaul – The All New Aimsy’s Antics

Welcome to the all new Aimsy’s Antics!

Blog Overhaul – Going Self Hosted:

You may (or many not) have noticed that Aimsy’s Antics has had a bit of a blog overhaul since it strted back in June 2017.

A few weeks ago I took the plunge and went self-hosted. This meant migrating my blog from the Blogger site onto this new WordPress site, as well as finding a deal on a site host.

I think in the new year I felt like having a bit of a change and taking a bit more control of my blog. I was also wanting to be able to take more control of my blog layout and design, which is supposedly a bit easier to do over on a self-hosted WordPress site rather than on Blogger. The other bonus is that all the content is now mine, rather than Google owning it, which wasn’t really a big issue for me.

So, once I chose my host it took around 24 hours for the migration to take effect, and for me to be able to customise how my blog looks. Placing the blog into maintenance mode so that I could make all the changes behind the scenes. As I have mentioned in previous posts, I am incredibly indecisive, so there was a lot of changes made back and forth with various themes. I also needed the time to adjust to how WordPress works.
The update has also taken a bit longer than I was expecting, as there was a bit of a family emergency which meant I was away from the laptop for about a week. Family always comes first though!

Blog Overhaul – New Theme:

The theme I am currently using is a free one called ‘Avant by Kaira’ which allows for a bit of customisation. I updated my blog header so that it had a cleaner feel, removing the marble type background and opting for a plain white one. Some of the icons have had a shuffle around also. I also picked out the two main colours that I wanted to use, keeping the darker teal colour and adding a pop of pink, to match the bougainvillaea petals in the header.

Blog overhaul - old Aimsy's Antics header of marble background to the new Aimsy's Antics header without a marble background.

What do you think?

Anyway, I am hoping to get back into my blogging stride, and have quite a few new blog posts planned. I just need to write them!

Let me know what you think of the new blog layout in the comments below.

I would also be grateful for any WordPress tips and tricks you may have.

Thanks for reading,