January Treatbox – A New Year Treat

A new month rolls around which means a new monthly treat to me. A January Treatbox!

This treat is in the form of a Treatbox. I previously wrote about my first treatbox way back in October and thought I would write another to celebrate the new year.  Both the November and December boxes were great, but I didn’t get a chance to blog about them. I may do a summary post of all my favourite things so far in the Treatboxes in a few months time, but for now, here is a peek into January Treatbox…

January Treatbox:

So, this month’s treatbox is very stationary themed, and I am all about stationary at the moment! I love getting new pens and notebooks, as well as anything that I think will help me become more organised.

January Treatbox - A flatlay image of the various contents of the treatbox, including a diary, stickers, motivational card and sticky notes.

Art & New Years Resolution List:

The first item I laid my eyes on was; a motivational piece of art and a new years resolution list. These are great to help keep motivated by making goals for the year. They are pretty too which means I am more likely to have them displayed somewhere I will see them on a daily basis. This hopefully will keep me on track in keeping my resolutions or goals further than a few weeks into January.

Glitter Stickers:

The next thing I discovered was some lovely glittery stickers. These will be perfect to use in my bullet journal, or as a way to seal envelopes or place on gifts for an added touch. And who doesn’t like a bit of glitter??
You get 4 sheets of stickers, with 15 stickers per sheet, so they really should last a while.

Sticky Notes Pad:

Following the stickers, the box also contained a sticky notes book, with various sized sticky notes and page tabs. The pattern on mine is of flower design, in a pink and grey colour theme. I am already planning on where to use these, and they will hopefully come in very handy with organising myself this new year. I am forever writing myself notes to remember, and I find handwriting these rather than placing them in my phone’s notes or calendar more useful. The book is just the right size that it can fit in your everyday bag and carry around with you.

Pink with white and back flower illustration sticky note pad cover.

New Year Diary & Pen:

Keeping on the organisation theme, this January treatbox included a new yearly diary. A6 in size, and a day to a page setting, I was very grateful for this. Annoyingly I had just bought a new diary before the box arrived, however, I am planning on using this one for every day, and with it being smaller in size it means I can carry it around with me in my bag. I love the geometric pattern on the cover, and when I like the design of something I am 100% more likely to use it. Are you the same? Alongside the diary, there was an orange geometric patterned pen. A perfect match to the diary!

January Treatbox 2018 diary. Blue, orange and cream diagonal colours on the cover.
Orange pen with white diagonal print.


The next item in the box was a keyring with the design being the word ‘KEYS’. There were a few different colours available, and the one I received is dark purple. Again this is perfect for organising myself this year, by putting all my needed keys together.

Laundry Bag:

The final gift in the box will be perfect when I am away for the weekend or on holiday, with it being a laundry bag. There were two styles that could have been received, one being the laundry bag and the other being a shoe bag.

The laundry bag is lovely in colour – turquoise and pink, with a tongue in cheek message on the front. It is just the right size, that it would not take up too much room in your weekend bag or suitcase, and would be perfect for sorting dirty items from the clean.

All in all, 8 great items to receive in one box! I am sure that I will be able to make use of all the items that were in the box, and I think the items fit the month of January perfectly.

Have you received this treatbox? Do you receive other subscription boxes?
Let me know in the comments below.

As always, thanks for reading!