Treat Yo’ Self – Treatbox review

I decided that it was time to treat myself every once in a while, and I have been thinking about looking into a subscription box.

Now I have said time and again that I am quite indecisive, however, I knew that I didn’t want just a beauty box, but, I wasn’t quite sure what I did want.
A little research later I came upon TreatBox . This seemed perfect for what I was looking for and is only £12 per month. There are different options of how long you may want to subscribe for – 3 or 6 months or continuous until you want to end it. You can also design your own box, and send as a gift to someone.

So, the idea behind the treat box is that one gets sent out every month, usually at the beginning of the month, and is filled with a few little goodies. The treat box has an array of different items in and is usually centred around a theme, with my first box being in October, it is all autumn themed.

What’s inside the box:

The first thing I saw in the box was a little information card with info on all that was contained in the box. I decided to not look through this as I wanted to be surprised by each item. This piece of info also doubles up as a monthly calendar, which is all autumn themed, and perfect to put up on the wall or desk.


Unwrapping the pink tissue paper, with a cute little sticker, I was greeted by a fab little artsy poster. It is again all autumnal, and the colours of it really do exude autumn-ness. This would be fab as a little motivational piece up on the wall or placed into a little frame for display. It would probably make a great photo prop too!
As well as the little poster there were two greeting cards in the box. Again these were autumn themed and would be perfect to send to someone as a ‘Thinking about you’ type card. How cute are the designs? I love the little hedgehogs!


The next thing that caught my eye (and nose) was a lovely pack of scented tealights. I was given the lavender scented ones, which smell great. These will be perfect for when I am trying to unwind, and as I love candles I was so happy that these were included. From the information sheet, there were four different scents that I could have gotten in the box – lavender, vanilla, wild berry and fresh linen. I was glad to get the lavender as I already have the vanilla ones. Which scent would you have preferred?

Delving further into the box I discovered a chocolate bar. Who doesn’t love a good old chocolate bar? This one is by Butlers and is called ‘caramel crunch’. It is a milk chocolate bar with caramel and hazelnut pieces in it. Yum! I haven’t tried it yet but it looks delicious…I don’t know how I have resisted!

Another item in the box is an embroidery hoop by Jones Home and Gift. The message to embroider is ‘You are loved’. It is a nice little craft piece, and even though I dabble in a bit of sewing on a machine, I am not the best at hand sewing. I’m not sure whether I will actually use this piece, but it would make a lovely wall piece if you are able to embroider well.

The next item in the box has to be my favourite…Copper wire lights by Lisa Angel! These are fab, and emit a nice warm glow when turned on. They are battery operated lights which are on a 3m copper wire and are perfect for draping across shelves or even placed into a glass jar. They would also be perfect at Christmas time!

The last two items in the box were; a set of stickers with animals printed on them and a 10% discount coupon for Lisa Angel. The stickers will be really useful for adding to wrapping or tissue paper on gifts, and they kind of remind me of some of The Wind in the Willows characters.
I think I will deffo be using the 10% discount if there are other pretty things on the site like the copper wire lights.



Thoughts on the TreatBox:

All in all, I was quite pleased with the box I received. I like that it isn’t a beauty box, and has lots of different kind of items in. Let’s be honest…who doesn’t like a bit of stationary? I absolutely adore the copper lights, and funnily enough, have been thinking about purchasing some form of fairy lights to use as decorations in my bedroom. I know I will definitely get a use out of most of the items in the box, and it is great to discover some brands that I have never heard of before.
I can’t wait to see what the next box will contain!
Looking on the website for TreatBox, I am gutted that I haven’t signed up sooner, as the March box had an all honey theme…Honey is one of my all-time favourite things. Fingers crossed they do a similar theme next year! 🤞
Have you subscribed to TreatBox or another form of a box?