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How to Up-Style Furniture - A shelving Up Style -

The change in season has given me inspiration to change up the decor in my bedroom. A shelving style up!

If you have seen my About Page, you will know that, as well as writing about my antics; I have also started blogging to unleash my creative side. What better place to start than doing a bit of creative DIY and doing a bit of shelving style up? In this post, I will show you how I up styled two shelving units; Kallax unit and a curved glass unit.
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Shelving Up Style:

In my room, there are a few pieces of mismatched furniture. It is time to get rid of this and give my room a bit of a makeover. An old desk I have had since my teen years is the first casualty to be thrown. I want to add something a bit more stylish and in keeping with my room, and what better time than now? I’ve also had inspiration for a lovely shelving piece to display my ever-growing collection of candles and decorative bits.

There are so many different guides on how to up style furniture, and I found that Pinterest was full of inspiration. I love looking on here for inspiration whether it be a DIY project, craft project or travel planning, there is always something to discover. There were quite a few ‘Ikea hacks’ which really gave me the inspiration for what furniture I would like and how to jazz it up.

Pinterest Inspiration


Kallax Shelving:

Now fully inspired it was time to do a bit of shopping. So, off I went to Ikea in search of the ever famous ‘Kallax’ shelving unit. I had measured up space and calculated that the square x4 box unit would fit, with a bit of room around each side.

When in Ikea more inspiration hit, with one of the displays and found that if I added an x2 box shelving unit to the x4 box one, it would fit perfectly in my designated space. Shelving inserts were next up and spotting the gleaming glass door with glass shelving I knew I had to these. The first piece of furniture found!

Kallax shelving unit and glass insert - three pictures

Glass Shelving Unit:

Now, onto the glass shelving unit that I had seen quite a few hacks on how to style up. Looking for Vittsjo shelving unit I found out that it had sold out 😪😪. Despair! How was I going to create the masterpiece that I had been planning and Pintersting about?!

Amazon to the rescue…I found a lovely styled glass unit that came in several tiers. I opted for the 5 tier version as looking at the measurements it looked like it would fit perfectly into the corner of my room. The glass shelving of choice: Hartley’s curved corner shelving unit* in a silver and clear glass. It was perfect for what I wanted and a fraction of the cost!

Curved glass shelving unit found on Amazon

What I Bought:

Long story short: I bought x2 kallax shelves from Ikea and a curved glass shelving unit from Amazon, all within the mind of doing some form of DIY to it and jazzing them up to fit in which my room’s decor.

What you will need:

So my idea was to have the hinge covers and handle on the kallax glass shelf inserts to be a copper/rose gold type colour, with the curved glass shelving unit being the same colour. I use this copper colour spray paint from Wilko’s in this DIY.

Below I will demonstrate how I up-styled my furniture.
Please note that this is based on the shelving units that I purchased and the steps may need to be carried out differently with other shelving units. 

Curved Glass Shelving Up Style:

Starting with the glass shelving unit here is how to up style it and have it looking fabulous in no time. First here are a few tips that may come in useful, and what I found out when DIYing the shelving unit.


  • Make sure that you have a big enough area that is well ventilated.
  • Make sure you have something covering the ground – I chose to save the cardboard boxes my kallax shelves came in and used these.
  • Shake your spray paint well, this should allow the paint to mix a spray more even.

Step 1 – Organising the pipes:

This shelving unit consists of several metal ‘pipes’ that make up the frame of the unit. You want to place individual pipes (frame) onto cardboard vertically. Using blue-tac or plasticine to secure them in place, and keeping them upright. I used a piece of wood with nails sticking up to stand the pipes up. This keeps the pipes from touching each other and allows for even drying. You don’t want them rolling around when you have just sprayed them.

Step 2 – Paint:

Select your chosen spray paint. Shake the can well and begin spraying the frame pieces with light even sprays. Be careful not to be too close as this will cause the paint to ‘splodge’ and run. Dependent on spray paint, allow drying for the suggested time (on the can) between coats. Ensure that the pipes are fully covered evenly.

Glass shelving frame poples being spray painted

Step 3 – Apply Lacquer:

Once your desired colour/shade has been achieved and is fully dry, apply the lacquer. Again do this in light even coats. I gave the shelving unit three coats of this to be sure, but one to two layers should be fine. Wait for the pieces of the frame to dry.

Shelving frame poles drying following being sprayed copper

Step 4 – Assemble Shelving Unit:

Assemble the pieces of the shelving frame, following the provided instructions. With the unit I purchased, some of the poles of the frame appeared wonky when attaching, and the shelves did not always line up. This meant that I had to pull the poles slightly to make them line up to the holes in the shelves. There is a slight wobble to my shelving unit, however, this is not a problem for me, as I will rarely be touching/moving the unit about.

Glass shelving unit being assembled with paper instructions

There you have your glass shelving up style! Quite a simple and easy up-style and would only take a full day to complete, if you have the time.

Transformation picture of glass shelving unit up styled. Before and after picture
Up styled curved glass shelving unit
Up Styled curved glass shelving unit with decorations placed ont he shelves

Kallax Shelving Up Style:

Now onto the Ikea Kallax shelving unit. This is very similar to the method above as you are re-colouring the hinge covers and handles to your desired colour.

Step 1 – Organise the handles and hinges:

Place your hinge covers and door handles onto a piece of cardboard or paper, evenly spaced. Again, as above, leaving enough space will ensure that the pieces are not touching and dry evenly.

Step 2 – Paint:

Select your chosen spray paint. I am using the same as the glass shelving unit to add consistency between the two shelving units. Spray paint the hinge covers and door handles ensuring it is light even layers. Make sure you coat the whole piece for each layer sprayed.
Allow to dry inbetween coats and continue to add the paint until you are happy with the colour and finish.

Hinge covers and handles drying after being painted

Step 3 – Apply Lacquer:

When your hinge covers and handles are fully dry, it is time to apply a few layers of clear lacquer. This will seal the paint and prevent it from chipping, as well as giving it a nice sheen. This really makes the metallic of the paint pop! Allow it to dry fully in between layers and before touching.

Kallax hinge covers sprayed with copper paint on a piece of carboard

Step 4 – Add to the Kallax unit:

Now that they are dry it is time to add them back onto the Kallax unit. Follow the instructions provided by Ikea with how they should go. It is pretty self-explanatory, but following their guide will hopefully save you any mistakes and time.

There you have an updated Kallax shelving up style. Simple but effective don’t you think?

Kallax shelf insert transformation, before and after picture
Copper coloured hinge cover of a Kallax shelving unit insert
Copper coloured handle of Ikea's Kallax unit
Up styled Kallax shelf with shelves filled with various items

Shelving Up Style Extras:

I did plan on applying marbled vinyl over the top of the shelving unit to give it a bit more character. However, after purchasing the vinyl, I thought it didn’t suit the unit or fit in with my newly styled bedroom.

If you desire, you could add marble to the top of the Kallax unit, which would make it look flush on top. The only thing is if you have connected two of the units together as I did, then you would have massive bumps on parts of the top. Not a good look!
You could also add marble vinyl to the glass shelving unit to add a bit more style to the shelves. This was again, what I had originally planned to do. I thought it looked too much; and as Coco Chanel said: “Less is more”. However, do whatever you feel looks best for your style and taste!

Various coloured spray paints and marble vinyl, product details.

What do you think?

Have you up-styled some of your furniture to fit in with the aesthetics of your room? Will you be giving this one a go?

Thanks for reading!

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