Christmas 2017 – A round up

It is 2018! How the heck did that happen? I just know that I am going to be writing 2017 on everything for at least this next month! Here is my Christmas 2017 roundup:

Well, I took a short break from blogging over the Christmas period; one because the closer to Christmas the more busier I became and two, I just wanted to savour the moments and enjoy the things I was doing rather than planning on blogging about what I was up to. Now it is the new year, I am hoping to get back into my blogging, starting with this post.

Christmas 2017 Roundup:

I had planned on penning a few more blog posts around Christmas time but I just wasn’t that organised, and the closer to the new year I got the dreaded cold that has been going around knocked me for six for a few days (still suffering from the after-effects of the cold now). So I thought I would do a belated round-up of my Christmas 2017 antics in this post to kick off the new year!

What did I get up to?

Leeds Hidden Christmas Market:

The Hidden Christmas Market run by a company called Sneaky Experience, who have hosted numerous events in the wonderful Kirkstall Abbey, with the market being held here too.

The Christmas market started last year, and I was lucky enough to get tickets for then and for this years. I was actually lucky enough to go twice this year, once with my family and the other with the girls. Last year’s theme was Narnia or The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, and this year’s market followed the theme of The Grimm fairy tales; the big bad wolf to boot!

It was fab; there were numerous food and drink stalls, as well as lots of local produce to buy for gifts (or for yourself). The best part of it though was the entertainment; with various acts showing their talents, such as aerial silk (ribbon dancing) and a fabulous brass band Hyde Park Brass. I think the brass band were my favourites, turning chart-toppers into jazz toppers.

Here are a few pics from my visits to the market:

Christmas Festivities:

Our festivities start on Christmas Eve, where we usually go around to my brother’s for food and a few drinks. He always does a different theme each year, with this year being pizza. In years past we tended to stay quite late into the night, however, now that my little niece is around we tend to come home earlier. This year was a bit more magical as she was more excited for Christmas.

Christmas tree decorated with baubles, and fairy lights.
Christmas tree with lights, and christmas decorations.

So, Christmas Day was a little bit different for us this year…we went out for a curry! The reason behind this was because not all the family would be together, as my brother spent Christmas day with his in-laws, meaning there would only have been 3 of us to cook for. We couldn’t be bothered with this and thought we would have a change, and having a curry is certainly a change. I loved it, not only was the food delicious, I  also didn’t have to do the washing up!

Christmas Day 2017:

We started the day the traditional way, by having toasted brioche with my homemade orange and Cointreau marmalade (recipe upcoming in another blog post) spread on top, and a flavoured coffee (I think it was hazelnut and vanilla flavour). We skipped out on the bucks fizz this year, which is usually one of the first drinks of the day of Christmas day. After opening our presents it was time to get ready, with my mum going to my grandma’s house to help her spruce up for the day.

At around midday, we popped around to our neighbour’s house for a few Christmas drinks and nibbles. This has fast become a tradition for us, and we have gone around to their house for the last few years to celebrate the special day.

After this, it was time to head out to the curry house, which was surprisingly (to me) very busy. The table was pre-booked and our menu choices had been made a few weeks prior to aid in speeding up the table service. The restaurant was really organised, and each party had a staggered sitting time to allow for the vast amounts of food. Sitting at around 3.30p.m to tuck into the lovely 3-course meal. I chose to have a mixed starter which consisted of marinated and grilled prawns, fish and chicken, followed by chicken kahari with rice and garlic naans. To finish off I chose to have mango kulfi, which is a type of ice-cream…it was delicious and really cleared your palette after the curry. I was well and truly stuffed!

Here are a few pics from the day:

Mixed starter on a wooden board. Fish pakora, tandori chicken and  grilled prawns.
Meal - Chicken Kahari in a curry dish with rice and red wine.

What did you get up to at Christmas? Let me know in the comments below!

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