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How is it the end of June already? I am definitely starting to feel the summer vibes, fingers crossed the sun stays around with us a bit longer! Anyway, at the start of June, I headed to another cocktail event, Cocktails in the City. 

I don’t know if you can tell but I love a good cocktail! I have previously blogged about; taking a cocktail masterclass and a night of cocktails in Leeds, and here is another post all about cocktails.
At the start of June, there was another cocktail event going on in Leeds called “Cocktails in the City”, and I was lucky enough to win tickets through a competition I entered on Leeds List. I am always entering competitions on here for various places around Leeds and was pleasantly surprised when I got an email through to say I had won two free tickets, with a free cocktail thrown in, perfect for a girls day with my mum.

What is Cocktails in the City?

Cocktails In the City is basically an event held at Leeds Town Hall where various restaurants and bars bring their cocktail bars into one venue, where you then get to sample some of their very best cocktails. The theme of the event “Inspired by Leeds” took centre stage in the special cocktails. There was also the opportunity to participate in tasting experiences and masterclasses.

Image of Leeds Town hall at the cocktails in the city event

We arrived around half an hour after the doors opened (didn’t want to seem too eager). Surprisingly, there were a few weddings still going on at the Town Hall (sorry for any wedding photography photobombs!). With tickets scanned, and the free cocktail token we headed off into the main hall. Cocktails were about £6.50 each, purchasing them through the token system. We visited the little table selling these before perusing the various bars and their offerings because we couldn’t just have one cocktail!

Images of Bottles of Alcohol on a shelf at the Leeds Town hall at the cocktails in the city event
Image of Cocktail table with glasses and fruit decoration at Leeds Town hall at the cocktails in the city event

Thewlis Cocktail Lounge

The first cocktail we tried was from Thewlis Cocktail Lounge and was called ‘The Yorkshire Rose and Rhubarb’. This was a bit of a champagne cocktail with rhubarb and rosehip cordial, decorated with a rose petal floating on top. The inspiration for the cocktail was apparently from ‘the forced rhubarb, a vegetable synonymous with Yorkshire. Often referred to as champagne rhubarb due to its complexity of flavour and deep colours. The white rose petal garnish as a nod to the emblem of Yorkshire’.
This cocktail was really refreshing, and who doesn’t love a good champagne cocktail? They even gave us a little box of popcorn to go with it. I will definitely be heading to their bar in the future, which is on Park Row in Leeds.

Image of Champagne cocktail in hand with small pot of popcorn
Image of Woman holding champagne glass


The next cocktail we went onto try was ‘The Flight of the Pheonix’ by Tattu. This cocktail consisted of vanilla vodka, blue curacao, rhubarb liqueurs, lime, apple juice and egg white, with it being designed to ‘align our style of food; light, floral and easy to drink without dominating the palette’. The glass had a decoration of a paper origami bird, which added a nice touch. This cocktail was nice, and bright blue, with the curacao taste definitely coming through. I opted to try their other cocktail that was on offer because it looked fancy on the display (skull glass with dry ice ‘steam’). Called ‘Skull Candy’ and as you may be able to tell from the name was very sweet, with vodka, strawberry and bubblegum. I loved this one as it was so sweet, it was a bit too easy to drink though!
Tattu is another place that I really want to try, not just for cocktails but for their food. It is on East Parade in Leeds.

Image of Cocktails - 2 in martini glasses and 2 in skull glasses


After finishing the Tattu cocktails, we headed back out to Issho this time (you will see that I have visited Issho before). Here we had different cocktails, with mum opting for their Leeds inspired ‘Rum and Jasmine’ and I sampling one with matcha tea in it. I cannot remember what was in this one, or what it was called, but I know it was very strong! Both were nice, and I felt kind of healthy with the matcha tea haha!

Image of Green coloured cocktail being held in a hand

Vice and Virtue

We decided to try ‘Chapeltown Punch’ next by Vice and Virtue. This took inspiration from the famous Chapeltown carnival, which is one of the first West Indian Carnivals in Europe and still happens in the city every August. A blend of tastes and flavours from Trinidad & Tobago and Yorkshire incorporated the cocktail with the bar stating ‘The only punch you will want to receive from Chapeltown.’ The cocktail consisted of; Angostura rum (7yr old), fresh lime, pineapple juice, homemade rose syrup, Yorkshire tea syrup, finished with close, star anise and aromatic bitters. The best bit about this was the blowtorch to the flavoured icing sugar being placed on top of the cocktail. I think this was one of my favourite cocktails of the day as I am a big fan of rum cocktails, especially with pineapple. I also liked the decoration, with tropical fruit and I think a rose petal or some form of a flower petal.

I’ve never been to Vice and Virtue, but again it is another place on my list to visit. The bar can be found on New Briggate in Leeds City Centre.

Image of Cocktail with passionfruit, orange and rose decoration, dusted with icing

Lost and Found

So, after the Chapeltown Punch, we decided to sample just one more cocktail and decided to head to Lost and Found bar. One of their signature cocktails for the event ‘Silence the Mayor’ was apparently inspired by ‘the well-known surgeon that once owned the Leeds club building who became the Lord Mayor of Leeds twice with his main aim to curb public drink’. This was another strong cocktail with; Masons Yorkshire Gin (tea edition), London cup, fresh lemon juice, Monin Orgeat, Apple juice, bar spoon lemon curd and a dash of homemade cardamon tincture. This tasted quite nice, and I could definitely taste the tea in the gin.

Again Lost and found is on my list of bars to try, although I have looked in once or twice with the place looking a bit too crowded for my liking. I guess it shows how popular it is though! Lost and Found can be found on Greek Street.

Image of Cocktail with flower and leaf decoration

So, all in all, a great first visit to Cocktails in the City, and one I would attend again. I would have loved to have tried more of the bars and what they had to offer, but there is only so many cocktails you can drink at any one time!

Have you attended Cocktails in the City before or something similar?
Which cocktail would you prefer from my list? Let me know in the comments below.

As always, thanks for reading!
See you next time for more of my antics!