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Layered Soap with Embeds -

Another beauty DIY for you today, and another one perfect for keeping for yourself or to give away to others as gifts. This is how to make layered soap with embeds.

Way back in May I attended a beauty craft workshop, where we learnt how to make an array of beauty products. One of those products was making layered soap with embeds. They look so pretty and effective, but I thought they would be hard to make. Turns out I was wrong, and they are super easy to do, you just have to work quickly some of the time when making.
Keep reading below for how to make this soap, and scroll down to see my video tutorial too!

What is layered soap with embeds?

Layered soap, is basically different layers of soap put together in one bar. You can make these multi-coloured like the rainbow, or even a few shades of the same colour to create an ombre effect.

Embeds are something to add to your soap, and it doesn’t just have to be when making layers. These are other pieces of soap, varying in colour and in various shapes. To make these you simply use a melt and pour soap base, dye them your chosen colour and place into a mould. When they have set remove them from the mould and you have your embed. Sugar fondant moulds are perfect to use for this, but you can also use round tubes (like a smartie tube) or even a square mould. You can grate these made pieces or cut them into shapes. The possibilities are endless! Royalty Soaps have a fab tutorial on how to make these.

Layered soap with embeds

How to make Layered Soap with Embeds:

This is really easy to make, as I mentioned previously. You only need a few ingredients, most of which you can purchase online. The basic principle is using an opaque melt and pour soap base and a clear/transparent melt and pour soap base to create the different layers. Then add in some pre-made embeds to jazz up the soap.


So, to make this version of layered soap with embeds you are going to need the following:

  • 120g Clear melt and pour soap base
  • 107g Opaque melt and pour soap base (I used goats milk version, but there are others available)
  • 2.2ml fragrance oil of your choice
  • Soap dye
  • Isopropyl Alcohol in a spray bottle
  • Soap embeds
  • Dried flower petals (optional)

You will also need:

  • Soap mould (loaf style)
  • Heat safe glass jug
  • Spoon
  • Protective mat
  • Double boiler /pan of hot water or Microwave
Ingredients to make layered soap with embeds

Step 1 – Prepare the mould and soap base:

You want to prep your soap mould by spraying it with your rubbing alcohol to sterilise this. To make it easier, you may also want to add in your first layer of embeds or dried petals, but you can also do this but later as well.

Start by cutting your soap bases of choice into small chunks, this will allow them to melt a bit faster, as well as make it easier to measure out. Now the recipe here makes less than what the mould can hold, so you can always add a bit extra to the measurements above.

Soap base cubes melting in a glass jug

Step 2 – Melt the soap and add fragrance:

The next step is to create a double boiler, using a pan of hot water and your heat-safe jug. I am using a jug as it makes it easier to pour the soap into the mould, as opposed to a heat-safe bowl. You can also use a microwave to melt the soap, however, I feel the double boiler melts it more evenly. If you do decide to use the microwave, make sure you do this in short bursts and don’t leave it unattended.

Melt the transparent soap base first, removing from the heat once this is done. It can take a little while to fully melt, so make sure it is before removing it from the heat. Then you want to allow it to cool slightly (without it forming a skin) before adding your fragrance choice. I am using the fragrance oil of Fig and Cassis; which you will see in my Jo Malone Inspired Bath Bombs recipe. You want to add half the amount of fragrance oil to this batch of soap, so that is 1.1 ml. The remaining fragrance oil will be added to the next layer. You don’t want to exceed the amount of fragrance oil, as this can make it unsafe for use on the skin. The rule is 1% of the total weight of the soap, which in this case is equal to 2.2ml.

Step 3 – Pour into mould and add embeds:

Now it is ready to pour into the mould. Do this as quickly as you can, as the soap will be cooling down and starting to set. Add in your petals and chosen embeds into the soap, pushing these into the layer of soap. Then, spritz the layer with your rubbing alcohol. This will aid in removing air bubbles as well as supporting the two layers to join together. Always spritz with the rubbing alcohol when you have finished with a layer.

Allow this to cool some more whilst going onto the next step.

1st layer of soap with added embeds

Step 4 – Melt the next layer, adding colour and fragrance:

Now it is time to melt the next layer to the soap. This will be the opaque soap base, in this case, it is goats milk soap base, which has a creamy white colour. As my first layer was beginning to set quickly, I opted to melt this layer of soap base using the microwave method. This melted the base quicker than using the double boiler.

Add in your chosen colour and the remaining 1.1ml fragrance oil to the melted mixture. This layer only required two drops of the soap colourant, but you can add as many or as little as you prefer. Stir in thoroughly.

Melted pink soap base in a glass jug

Step 5 – Add next layer

If the bottom layer has a skin on the top, then the next layer is ready to be added to the mould. Spritz again with the rubbing alcohol, and pour in the next layer. You will find that the melted layer will fill in any gaps and crevices that may have formed when the base layer was setting. Add in a few more embeds if you like. Spritz the top of the layer with more rubbing alcohol.

Pouring melted soap base into a mould

Step 6 – Allow to cool and set:

When you have finished adding the embeds and layers, allow it to cool and set. Try not to move this or touch it as it may still be warm and unset in the middle. To ensure that it is fully set, it is best to leave overnight.

Once it is fully set, remove it from the mould and cut into slices. Then you have your own layered soap with embeds ready to go!

Layered soap with embeds
Layered soap with embeds

How beautiful do they look? Perfect for adding to your bathroom decor and giving away as gifts.
Check out my other beauty DIYs if you want more inspirations for making handmade products to give as gifts.

Layered Soap with Embeds Video:

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  1. I LOVE the look of layered soaps! I bought one a while back & I haven’t used it yet b/c it’s too pretty lol
    I think making handmade gifts for Christmas is a great idea & I’ll keep these soaps in mind!

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    1. They look so pretty don’t they? I always think it is a shame to use them because they look so nice!
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