Mexican Fiesta! – Cielo Blanco Review


So this weekend I continued with my prep for my upcoming trip to Greece…by shopping! You can never have too many holiday clothes, right?
After a busy day shopping, we decided to finish the day with a bite to eat…choosing Cielo Blanco.

Here’s a rundown of our time in the beautiful restaurant.

 Just to note: This is not a sponsored post. All content written here is my own opinion.

Cielo Blanco is a Mexican restaurant located in Leeds’ Trinity Shopping Centre. It is described as a Mexican social eating experience which has taken influence from the dining culture of Mexico and the relaxed but vibrant vibe from the markets in Oaxaca.
All in all, if you like tasty Mexican food, with a nice touch of spice then this is the place for you!

We decided to sit on the ‘outside’ area of the restaurant. This had a great feel to it, as you felt you were sat out on the streets of Mexico, especially hearing the hustle and bustle of the shopping centre. The music was being piped through the external speakers, which again gave a lovely relaxed feel, and this is what the restaurant aims to achieve.
There was also a cart situated in the outside area, which looked like a fruit stall, or a street cart bar. It all added to the atmosphere of the place, which I really liked.


We were presented with the menu, which is packed full of options of what you could order without being too extensive so that you can’t decide (something that I struggle with…I want to try it all!).
The basis of the menu is choosing small tapas style dishes, usually three per person, or sharing boards. There is also a wide selection of Mexican inspired cocktails, however, we all decided on trying the watermelon cooler which was on the list as one of the Mexican fruit waters or ‘Aguas Frescas’. These were delicious and really complimented the food we chose. They also aided in cooling our mouths down when the spice peaked a bit too much.



Watermelon Cooler

Now onto the feast; we decided to order a Veracruz style fish sharing board, which was described as for x2 persons. This included several seafood dishes – Marinated white fish, king prawns, muscles, sardine tostadas, and Baja fish tacos. The sharing board also came with a selection of fresh salsas, guacamole, sour cream, rice and warm tortillas. These are also displayed on the table on top of old tin cans, which add to the rustic feel to the restaurant. It also makes it the ideal height for everyone to choose a bit from without knocking anything over.
I decided to choose three dishes from the tapas part of the menu, choosing; sweet pepper tacos (with potato, aioli and Manchego cheese), achiote and lime marinated fish enchiladas, and finally Mexico City-grilled corn (with chipotle may, feta and chilli powder).
The food was delicious and surprisingly filling without feeling overfull. We all really enjoyed our choices, and I would highly recommend any of the dishes we sampled. I have visited the restaurant on a few occasions, and I can say the food standard has remained high on all of these visits. I think it is one of my favourite places to eat when out and about in Leeds!

Veracruz Style Fish Sharing Board


Mexico City Grilled Corn
Sweet Pepper Tacos
Achiote and Lime Marinated Fish Enchiladas

If you are after a relaxed but vibrant meal then this is the place for you. The food is delicious, the staff are friendly and are always on hand to offer advice on what to choose, and the atmosphere of the place is welcoming.

Do you have a favourite place to eat?