Parga Town in Two Weeks: Travel Diary

Faded pictre of Parga town with blog title written over it

How is it September already? August flew by and so is September (partly because I had a lovely two week holiday) but unlike most, I am not ready to give up summer just yet! Here I give a little insight into my recent two week holiday with my family to the lovely Greek seaside place of Parga Town.

Now you may (or may not) recognise Parga as a place that I have already written about here on Aimsy’s Antics, and you would be correct. I visited last year, and it was one of the reasons I started the blog, as well as my first travel blog post. You can check it out here – My first time visiting Parga. (The writing might not be the best and I debated changing the post, but its good to see how your writing style develops, right?!) I loved the Town and knew my family would love it too, so we headed to the travel agents. Yes, I know a slightly old-fashioned way of booking a trip, but its one we prefer.

View of a aeroplane wing from the window. Clouds with orange glow below

Where we stayed in Parga Town:

I will get right into the details of the trip. We originally booked through Monarch, but we all know how that story ended, so it was back to the drawing board for a good deal to my beloved Parga Town.
We eventually found a good deal with Olympic Holidays staying in self-catering studios a 10-minute walk from Parga Town centre. The studios of our choice being Aliki Studios, a small family run complex.

View from Aliki Studios
3 cacti in flower decorated pots on a windowsill ledge

The studios have a two-star rating on Olympic, and yes they are typically Greek, but they were fab! Aliki (one of the owners) cleaned and tidied the room every day apart from Sundays when she had a day off (I think). She always has a big smile on her face and is ever welcoming when you see her. She was bright and bubbly at 3 a.m. in the morning when we arrived from our dreaded evening/night flight.

The room I had was a decent sized studio room with a kitchenette, a bathroom, two beds and a small balcony. The beds are fairly comfy to sleep on and were always made up by Aliki. She even made the towels into something interesting; mine in the shape of a boat. We had booked three rooms, with them all being on the same floor. There was also a shared balcony on the floor we were on, which was perfect for get-togethers in an evening.

View of a Aliki studio room with 2 single beds, a wardobe and dressing table in shot. Balacony doors open

Towels arranged in the shape of a boat on a bed
Woman standing on a balcony facing away from camera.Wearing a banana leaf print dress

Unfortunately there is not a pool at Aliki Studios, however, there are several pools to use around the area. We used two different pools during our two-week trip. One of these can be found at Elena Hotel, a lightly bigger complex with a large pool and pool bar. The other we used is at Lambrini Studios, a slightly smaller pool, but another family run small complex. This was also approximately a 5-10 minute walk away from Aliki rather than the directly opposite Elena.

Eleana pool view from a sunbed
Pool at Lambrini Studios

What we did during our two weeks:

We did quite a few things during our two weeks in Parga Town, some of which I will be putting into another post so stay tuned for that. We did the usual holiday things like chill around the pool and heading to the local town beach for a few beach days. There were also a great number of restaurants and tavernas around Parga that we tried. You can’t beat lots of yummy Greek food, can you?! Oh, not forgetting the wonderful cocktails we sampled too!

Pebble beach with woman's feet

One of the best things about Parga town is their water taxis, which open up the options of beaches to choose from. The water taxis are greatly priced, with us paying no more than €12 return. I loved all of the beaches we visited and was happy that we got to visit one of my favourites from my last trip; Sarakiniko beach.

View of Parga from a water taxi. Small waves
View of water taxis from parga harbour. Lots of people on the jetty with some sitting on a bench

Tours / Excursions:

I had planned to visit Meteora, where there are monasteries built up into the rock faces. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to do this, even though we were there for two weeks. I wasn’t very organised in booking the trip, and it was actually nice to explore Parga Town a bit more, as well as relax. This place is still on my list to visit, so hopefully one day I will.

One thing we did get to do though was taking the Parga Train to Ali Pasha castle. Choosing the ‘sunset’ and the last tour of the day to do so. The views here were lovely, with Paxos, Antipaxos and Corfu in the distance. The old castle is mainly still intact and you can explore it in the time allotted for the train journey. All in all, it is a 2 hour round trip. The guide is great and will tell you various facts and history relating to the castle.

Parga tourist train "Dotto Train"
Woman sat in a window of Ali Pasha's castle, Parga
Ali Pasha Castle, Parga / Anthousa
Ali Pasha Castle
View of Parga from Ali Pasha Castle
View of Parga from the castle

Going back to food, there is a tonne of restaurants and tavernas in and around Parga Town, and you will definitely need several trips to try them all. I am going to do a separate post with my top ones to try from my two visits. Rather than list the places we tried, here are a few photos of some of the meals we had:

Grid picture of four various Greek meals, including grilled fish, Shrimp pasta, Gyros and Spetzofai
Grilled fish, Shrimp Pasta, Gyros and Spetzofai

August 15th Celebrations

During the time we were in Parga Town, the August 15th Celebrations happened. Known as assumption day or ‘Dekapentavgoustos’ It is the Greek Orthodox celebration The Virgin Mary. This is a big deal in the Orthodox calendar, and there are always lots of festivities wherever you visit in Greece. 

Aliki informed us that we should visit the harbour to experience the celebrations that night. We decided to split our time between the studios and the harbour that night, as you had to make reservations in advance in the tavernas due to the high population of people that would be descending on the town. So, we had a lovely meze on the shared balcony before heading down to watch the live music, making it back to the studios in time to watch the fireworks. 

Glass table on a balcony with various plates of food and wine.
Firework in the distant sky. Red and gold in colour

There were all sorts being sold along the harbour, and we just had to buy one of the light up balloons for my niece. It is basically a clear balloon with battery operated lights wrapped around. They would be great for parties!

Woman holding a light up balloon
Stage on Parga Harbour lit up with red, yellow and blue lights. crowd infront of the stage

It feels like this holiday was so long ago now (again, I am ever organised with writing timely blog posts). We had a great time, and it was just nice to relax as a family. 

So there was a quick overview of my two-week trip to Parga!
Stay posted for a few other blog posts on various aspects of my trip to Parga Town. Also, check out my Instagram for other photos not posted on here.

Did you have a lovely two week trip away? Have you visited Parga Town before? Let me know in comments below!

As always thanks for reading,

14 thoughts on “Parga Town in Two Weeks: Travel Diary

  1. I’ve never been to Parga Town but it looks fabulous! What an awesome trip! Greece is my favourite holiday destination so definitely adding this one to my travel list. Your photography is brilliant and I totally agree, Greek food is delicious. Thank you for sharing Aimsy and glad you had a wonderful time <3 xx

    Bexa |

    1. Aww, thank you for your lovely comment! It is definitely a place in Greece that I would recommend to visit, but most places I would probably recommend . If you have ever been to Skiathos, it is a very similar town area. Greek food is deffo my fav, and I actually found a new dish that I haven’t tried before, I will feature that in an upcoming blog post though.

      Aimsy xoxo

  2. I never been to Greece, so I wouldn’t know about Parga Town. It seems like a wonderful and beautiful place to visit. The food looks delicious. Your photographs you took are truly splendid, they capture the magic of the town. Thanks for sharing!

    1. It is a lovely place to visit. It gets very busy in August though as it is classed as high season, however, I would definitely recommend visiting!
      Thank you for the lovely comment.

      Aimsy xoxo

  3. What a beautiful post! What an amazing vacation you had. I loved all the photos and the detail in the post. Great read!

    1. Thank you for you lovely comment!
      I always like to add quite a few pictures as I love taking them. I think that the place was so nice that it helped with the photos haha!

      Thanks again,
      Aimsy xoxo

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment. Hopefully, you will be able to go to Greece one day, you will not regret it!

      Aimsy xoxo

    1. Thank you! Yeah, it was brill, but I would always be happy in Greece haha!
      Thanks for commenting!

      Aimsy xoxo

  4. Oooh. Parga looks gorgeous and small and perfect! Greece is big time on our bucket list. Now we have to visit!

  5. I’ve never been to Greece and I’ve never heard of Parga Town but it looks lovely! I actually think it’s really nice that you still book your trips with a travel agent. Greece has always been on my list, the food always looks so good too. It sounds like you had a lovely time x


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