Products I use when Travelling…

So I am a girl who likes my beauty products, and this is no different when I go away. I prefer to not change my daily routine of products, and may only substitute one or two items that I normally use.

Over the last year or two I, have slowly been changing my beauty regime, and have opted to move completely over to more natural products. The brand of choice I use is Lush.

Through my teen years, I never really suffered from spots or acne, however, this soon changed when I reached my twenties! I became fed up of using the treatment from the doctors as this could make my skin more vulnerable in sunnier conditions and climates, and I didn’t want to give up my trips away to sun drenched places.
I researched online and asked for advice in store and here are the products I now use. They suit me perfectly for when I travel as they come in handy 100ml sizes.
(Note: This is not a sponsored post. All views are my own)

So let’s start with the face products I use:

Ultrabland – Facial Cleanser:

This is a fab facial cleanser and removes all of my make up without the need for any extra harsh products! It is gentle on the skin and leaves my skin feeling soft. The main ingredients are; almond oil, rose water, beeswax and honey.
I usually remove this with a warm damp face cloth /flannel when at home rather than cotton wool pads, however when I go away I usually take extra sensitive face wipes to use instead of a flannel.
I usually have to change my face cloth every few days as the build up of the product is harder to remove from the cloth after a while. Taking a pack of wipes allows me to save precious baggage allowance and space in my case!

Eau Roma Water – Toner:

After I have cleansed my face with Ultrabland, I usually use the Eau Roma water toner to remove any excess cleanser that may still be on my skin. I use this twice a day, once in the morning, where I usually just spritz my face and allow the toner to dry in, and once in an evening after removing my make up. On this occasion, I usually spray some onto a cotton wool pad and some on my face before wiping the pad over my face to remove any extra cleanser. I can usually tell if I have not washed my make up off fully, as this will pick any up and remove it from my face.
I love this toner as it smells lovely- roses and lavender. It is made up of Rose water, which is supposed to aid with calming and reducing redness and Lavender water, which is supposed to balance and soften the skin. This is great for sensitive skin or skin that can appear red, perfect for aiding in soothing any irritable spots.
Now when I am on holiday, I like to place the bottle into the fridge, for an extra hit of cooling, especially if I have caught a bit too much sun on my face.

Magical Moringa – Moisturiser / Primer:

Now when I first started using this around a year ago, this product was marketed as a moisturiser, which has since changed to a primer. Nothing has changed regarding the ingredients of the product, and when I asked in store if it could still be used as a moisturiser, I was assured that it could.
When I first bought this, I wanted a moisturiser that I could take away on holiday with me, to aid in reducing the shine and supporting keeping my make up on a bit longer (my make up always tends to slide off when I am away with the heat), and a lovely member of the Lush team recommended this product. Following on from that holiday, I have continued to use this as one of my main moisturisers.
I tend to just wear this on a morning, before applying my makeup, however on holiday this would be in the evening, as I am usually sans makeup through the day, wearing suntan lotion only.
At night, after cleansing and toning, I have started using any brand of pure organic coconut oil (small amount) as a way of adding extra moisture to my face.
Magical Moringa is made up of rose hip oil, argan oil and moringa oil, which is supposed to be rich in antioxidants. If feels lovely on the skin, giving it a velvety feel. It has a different type of smell, but one that isn’t unpleasant.

Angels on Bare Skin- Facial cleanser/exfoliator:

Now a few times a week I like to give my face a bit of an exfoliation. My choice for this is Angels on Bare Skin. This smells lovely as there are fresh lavender flowers mixed into it. It is a very gentle cleanser and exfoliator, with rose absolute and lavender oil to aid in calming the skin (this is in a lot of the products that I use) with ground almonds for the exfoliator bit. It is a ‘hard cleanser’ which needs to have a little bit of water added and mixed into a paste on your hand to use it, this allows for a gentle but thorough exfoliation.
Usually, I take a bit out of my pot and place it into a smaller pot, as I would only need a small amount to use when I go away. It can also be used on the body, which is fab if you have caught the sun a bit too much and your skin starts the dreaded peel ( I also use another product for this).

Mask of Magnaminty – Face mask

I haven’t taken this away with me before, but I have been using the mask for a while now. I usually apply it to problem areas once or twice a week, alternating days between the exfoliator above. You can also use this on your body if you have the pesky breakouts on your back.
The mask is what they call a self-preserving one, which means it lasts longer than the fresh version, and you don’t need to keep it in the fridge. On holiday I think I would keep this in the fridge for that extra coolness on my face, and what I plan to do on my upcoming trip.
It has peppermint oil to stimulate, marigold oil and chlorophyllin to treat the skin, with evening primrose seeds and aduki beans for a little exfoliation when removing the mask. The mask also has rich kaolin which is supposed to be nourishing and honey for its antibacterial properties. It smells lovely, really minty which when cleaned off leaves your face with a slight refreshing tingle.
Again I would pop a little bit in a small travel pot ratherthan taking the larger pot it comes in.

Now onto hair products I use:

Honey I washed my Hair – Shampoo Bar:

I have only just branched out into hair products from lush, choosing to use this one on my trip to Parga. This shampoo bar smells delicious and really scented the bathroom when left out to dry. I absolutely loved using this, and have bought another one to take away with me. Made up of honey, sweet wild orange and bergamot oil, it leaves hair smelling great, soft and shiny. There is always the added benefit of having it in the bar form, as it really helps with the liquid allowance if you choose to place it in your hand luggage, and is lightweight too!

American Cream – Conditioner:

Your hair can take a bit of a beating when on holiday, being drenched in the heat and sun rays, then bashed about with the sea or pool water. I don’t normally condition my hair every day whilst on holiday, usually choosing to condition every other or few days. My conditioner of choice is American Cream, which smells absolutely gorgeous, with the scent remaining in your hair for a day or two after conditioning. Made up of fresh strawberries and organic oranges, with the added oils of vanilla absolute, lavender, clary sage, and honey it really leaves your hair shiny and soft. It is also a great conditioner for weighing hair down, without being too heavy, which reduces the amount of fly aways you can get.

It comes in a variety of bottle sizes, with the handy 100 ml bottle if you want to carry it in your hand luggage.

Finally, we have reached the products I use on my body:

It’s raining men – Shower Gel:

This shower gel is perfect for moisturising, hydrating, gently cleansing and soothing the skin. Perfect for after you have spent the day sunbathing. It also smells heavingly, made up of honey, rosehip, lotus flower and tiger lily infusion, as well as bergamot oil and Brazillian sweet orange oil.
This has been one of my key products to take away with me on holidays, and I have used this for a number of years. It really leaves a gorgeous aroma in the bathroom for quite a while after, as well as lightly fragrancing your skin. I love it!

Scrubee – In shower body butter:

Another product I absolutely adore. It smells gorgeous, and you may have noticed a theme in the other products on the list, the main ingredient again is honey! It also has cocoa butter and sheer butter for added moisturising, and coconut shell with ground almonds for a bit of exfoliation.
This really helps with locking in the moisture into your skin, and I am tending to use this rather than an after sun lotion. It is perfect for soothing skin if you have been unlucky in catching a bit of sunburn, with the added bonus of exfoliating if said sunburn is beginning to peel!
All you have to do is warm slightly in your hands and rub over your body, one side has the exfoliating part, with the other being smooth, so you can choose how much or little you want to moisturise/exfoliate.
One word of warning though, be careful when in the shower, as it can make the floor quite slippy, so you are best rinsing the shower floor after use.
So I very nearly published this post without adding one of the most important products that I use on holiday…Suntan lotion /Sunscreen!
So this is where I deviate from Lush, as I haven’t been able to source a natural suntan lotion from them before. From looking at their UK website there are a few products that have SPF properties and I think a powdered version but I have not seen these in my local store, and I am a little dubious that they work at protecting your skin from harmful rays of the sun.
My sunscreen of choice is:

Hawaiin Tropic – Sun Tan Lotion:

This has been a favourite of mine for years, as it has a lovely scent to it and absorbs well into my skin without me feeling too greasy. I also have noted that this sunscreen has a 4-star rating for UVA which according to the professionals is the minimum you should look for in sun protection products. Now I am a little bit naughty and use SPF 15, which again is recommended as the minimum SPF you should use, however, I do tend to purchase further sun lotion when I arrive at my destination, usually at a higher factor of the Silk Hydration range. I tend to go through 2 a bit of sun lotion as I try to apply it regularly to prevent my skin from burning. This sun lotion also is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation.

Hawaiin Tropic – After Sun Lotion:

I know I said I use Scrubee rather than after sun lotion, but I still like to take a bottle with me for the days where I don’t use the Scrubee in the shower.
This one again smells lovely and I have chosen the ‘Coconut Papaya’ fragrance option. Similar to the sun lotion above, this lotion soaks really well into the body and doesn’t leave a greasy after layer that some lotions do. I again like other products higher up in this list, place the after sun lotion in the fridge for that added coolness to the skin when it is applied.
So there you have my rather lengthy list of products I use when I go away on my travels. I have never been one to travel light, and I think the list above proves that (you should see the amount of clothing and shoes I take!). I don’t think I would manage back packing trips!
What products do you use when you go on your travels?
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