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Two Weeks in Corfu |

A new blog post for you today (I know it has been a while) and it is all about my most recent trip to the beautiful Greek island of Corfu. Keep reading to see how I spent two weeks in Corfu!

So, I have had a little break from blogging; with part of this being my recent trip to Corfu. What a nicer way to spend a bit of time off?! Whilst there I took a tonne of pictures and videos as Corfu is just stunning (well most of Greece is actually), some of which you will see below in this post. This is my fourth time visiting Corfu, with it being my first ever holiday abroad when I was 10. I have a soft spot for the island because of this.
This post has a lot of photos…hopefully it will give you a bit of wanderlust!

Also, at the end of the post, you will be able to find the travel vlog of my two weeks in Corfu, so if you want to skip ahead that is where you will find it.

Sunset in Corfu
Sunset in Corfu

Onto the trip…

Where we stayed…

Our base for the two weeks was in the resort of Agios Georgios aka St George South. This resort is more or less purpose ‘built’ for the summer season, with it being empty during the winter. It is part of the more traditional village of Agriades and is roughly 20 miles from Corfu Town.

Welcome sign of Agios Georgios

As with most of our holidays, we opted to go self-catering, booking through our local travel agents. Booking to stay at Elleana Apartments / Elleana Corfu, a place we stayed on our last visit to Corfu. This is a great base in St George South. Your typical basic Greek apartments with a fab pool and bar area. Not to mention the owners Elleana and Akis, who are wonderful. I also can’t forget to mention the most friendliest guard dog Bou-Bou, who is such a cutie! Akis was even kind enough to drive my brother up to the bakery to pick up my sister-in-law’s birthday cake. How lovely is that?

Outdoor sign for Elleana Corfu Apartments
Small white dog sitting on a sunlounger beside a pool.
The beautiful Bou-Bou
Chocolate and vanilla birthday cake from above, with 'Happy Birthday' written in icing and a yellow fondant flower

Two Weeks in Corfu:

Now, this was a family trip, including my 4-year-old niece, so, for the most part, we spent most days around the pool or visiting the beach. St George South has a long strip of beach, and we tried several areas along here. The best spot is probably Malibu beach. The sand is golden and fine, and you can walk out pretty far without the sea becoming too deep. However, this is quite a long walk from the centre of St George South, especially during the hot summer sun. In one part of the beach, my dad actually stood on a sea urchin, so just be careful on whichever beach you visit!

Agios Georgios (St George South) beach, Corfu
Malibu beach, St George South, Corfu

We managed to go on two ‘trips’ during our two weeks in Corfu. One was an afternoon/evening in Corfu town and the other was a full (9am-7.30p.m) day trip touring the island of Corfu.

An afternoon/evening in Corfu Town:

So, we booked this through our Olympic rep; with the coach/minibus costing us around €15 each. The pick-up time for the trip is 3.30p.m and you return back to your accommodation around 10.30p.m, give or take half an hour. Essentially you were picked up from your door, dropped off in Corfu, plenty of hours to explore the town, before returning to your resort again. We thought this was a great way to get into the town and back. A taxi would have cost so much more than this too!

The last time I visited Corfu Town was way back in 2003! We took a boat trip from Kassiopi (a coastal village on the north coast) to and from Corfu Town. I have never seen a night sky like in Corfu in my life. You can see the stars so brightly, especially out at sea! Anyway I digress, I wasn’t sure how much of the town I would remember or how much it would have changed.

Let me tell you, Corfu Town is full of beautiful Venetian buildings, and plenty of little side streets, plazas and squares to explore. I can’t forget the number of shops…so many. A great place to pick up any holiday trinkets!

Greek doorway in Corfu
Red bicycle in Corfu Town
Yellow building with white railing balconies in Corfu Town
Evil eye dream catchers on a shop display

Old Fortress & St Spyridon:

Now, Corfu has many old buildings to explore including the Old Fortress. We didn’t explore this, and just observed it from a distance, but I did have a wander around ‘The Garden of the People‘. This also holds the municipal gallery too. Beautiful!

Woman sitting in the Spianada, Corfu Town

All places in Greece have patron saints with Corfu’s being St Spyridon. To go with this is a magnificent church of St Spyridon; which you cannot miss as you walk into the town. There are many dates that celebrate St Spyridon, and we just missed it by a few days on August 11th! Spyros is a very popular name in Corfu too due to the patron saint.

Agios Spyridon Church
Agios Spyridon Church at night


There are many places within Corfu town to grab a drink and bite to eat. On the day we visited Corfu was having a bit of a heatwave, so our exploring was broken up by grabbing a few refreshing drinks. Our places of choice were Sim’s and Mikro Cafe. Both great places to visit. I highly recommend the watermelon slushie and limoncello spritz. Totally refreshing!

Exploring Corfu:

So, the biggest trip of our two weeks in Corfu was the full-day island tour. This trip cost us €25 each through Kostas Boat trips, which I think is a bargain for the number of places we were able to visit. The trip was via a mini-bus; which was lovely, modern and had the very much needed air-con.

So if you are ready; come along to the island tour with me:

Stop 1: Kanoni & Mouse Island

The first stop of the trip is close to Corfu Airport in a place called Kanoni. A long causeway takes you over to the small white church known as Vlacherna Monastery. Here you can also see views of the small island aptly names Mouse Island or Pontikonissi. Not only can you have these two great views, but you can watch the planes coming into land and taking off, as the airport runway is very close!

View of an aeroplane from the sea

Nearby to this is a palace where Prince Phillip was born too! Although the trip didn’t take us to this.

Stop 2: Passing through Corfu Town and Paleokastritsa

The next stop took us through Corfu Town and along the coast to the north coast resort of Paleokastritsa. Now I had high hopes for Paleokastritsa as I have heard how picturesque it is, but I am sad to say I was quite disappointed. I’m not sure if we visited the best part of it, but it just felt too overcrowded and not as idyllic as I imagined. At least I can say I have visited the place now though!

Thrown chairs on Paleokastritsa Beach

During this trip, we headed up to the Monastery of Paleokastritsa; which was beautiful. Now, I am not religious but I can appreciate the beauty of Greek churches, and this monastery is no exception. The place just felt so peaceful, even with the number of tourists coming in and out. Beautiful buildings with beautiful plants and flowers. Not to mention a view over into the sea!

We had lunch in Paleokastritsa, opting for the bakery as we were short on time. If you have ever been to Greece, you know their bakeries are to die for. Yum!

Stop 3 – Bella Vista Viewpoint & Krini Village

Moving from Paleokastritsa, we headed up the hill/mountainside to the Bella Vista viewpoint. This place offers the most stunning view across the three bays of Paleokastritsa. Absolutely breathtaking!

Woman looking over Bella Vista Viewpoint
Bella Vista Viewpoint

After a quick stop here, it was onto a small village called Krini. This was a stop for a bit shopping, and there were some beautiful items to buy. Some handmade and others the general tourist type of stuff. I can’t forget that this was the place to be able to try a few of the local drinkie-poos of kumquat liqueur and village wine. On a side note, you must try village wine; not always the nicest tasting but my word is it strong; and because there aren’t any additives, you don’t get the dreaded hangover!

Stop 4 -Kassiopi & The Durrells

Our next stop was in the beautiful resort of Kassiopi. I was so glad this place was included in the tour, as I was eager to see how different the place was from 2003. I was not disappointed, however, we only had a short amount of time here.
The weather was getting hotter, so we stopped off for an afternoon ice-cream at Cool and Fresh. Definitely try the kumquat ice cream. It is delicious!

The square of Kassiopi in Corfu
Kumquat flavoured ice cream in a tub

Next up on the island tour of Corfu was to visit the famous Lawrence Durrell’s white house. This is in the beautiful area of Kalami. This place is stunning, and the view from the house must have been amazing to wake up to every day.

Many plants in various shape and size pots with Kalami bay in the background

Stop 5 – Achilleion Palace

So, this is the final stop on the Corfu island tour…the grand Achilleion Palace in Gatsouri. This was the summer palace for Princess Elisabeth of Austria, also known as Sisi. Nowadays it is a museum, showcasing the palace and how it would have looked when Elisabeth was in residence.

Terrace area in Achilleion Palace, with several marble statues and pillars

Two weeks in Corfu – What We Ate:

We mainly ate in and around St George South, as that was our base for the two weeks. Most nights we popped out to one of the many tavernas and restaurants, but some nights we opted for some yummy pita gyros.

Here is a look at some of the dishes we had. I will pop the taverna’s name in the caption of the photos so that this post doesn’t get too long!

So there you have how I spent two weeks in Corfu! If you are looking for a lovely place in Greece to visit then I would highly recommend visiting Corfu, you will not regret it.
For more Greek travel inspiration check out my travel diaries from Parga and Mykonos!

Two Weeks in Corfu Vlog:

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    1. It is, isn’t it? Most of Greece is beautiful, so you will not be disappointed with anywhere you visit.
      Oh, isn’t Bou-Bou just the cutest?! She was the best addition to where we were stating.

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  1. Such a pretty place! I once had a bad image of corfu (my brother recently went to Kavos…) but this has changed my mind totally! Looks like there’s a lot to see and learn about too which is right up my street! Thanks for sharing x

    1. Thanks for commenting! Oh, Kavos definitely does not show Corfu in the best light. There is so much to see and so much history behind the island. It is well worth a visit

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