What I’m Reading – 5 Kindle Crime Books You Should Read

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For Christmas (how long ago does that feel now?!) I finally moved into the digital age and got a Kindle. Since getting the Kindle I have read a lot more books than I previously would per month. Do you know what? I love it! Take a look of what i’m reading:

Now, I don’t think anything will ever take away from holding a real book in your hand. The feeling the pages between your fingers. However, having a Kindle definitely opens up the number of books you can carry with you at any one time. Who doesn’t want a more room in their bag??*

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What I’m Reading:

So my preference in a genre often changes but I will always love reading a good crime thriller book. That is just what I have been reading since Christmas. As I was trying to navigate my way around the Kindle store and how to purchase books, I came across the ‘free’ section. There is so much choice to choose from, some offering one book and others offering a three book series all for free!

I read a total of 5 books within the last 2 months (ish) and here are the 5 I have been reading:

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#1 Last Gasp by Robert F Barker

This book was one of the free ones I downloaded, and luckily for me the first in a series, the DCI Jamie Carver Series to be in fact. This is the first book in The Worshipper Series

The premise of this book is the chase to stop and capture a serial killer, following DCI Carver and his team in this hunt. Described as a ‘novel of murder, deception, sexual intrigue, and human weakness. A story about one man’s struggle to put the past behind him, and save those he loves.’ It focuses on the world of dominatrixes, however, it is definitely no Fifty Shades!

Now, I really liked this book but it did take me a chapter or two to properly get into it. If you do decide to read this book after reading this blog post, keep reading and give it a chance. I loved the way the book was set in Mancheser, UK, which made the book a bit more realistic. It is not that far from where I live.
I have also since read that the author is a former Senior Police Detective, which again I like as he definitely knows how investigations are ran and gives a good insight into police work.

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#2 Final Breath by Robert F Barker

So, after finishing the book above (The Last Gasp) I had to purchase the next in the series. Final Breath is the follow-on and the second book in The Worshipper Series. This book starts off around 18 months after the first book with DCI Jamie Carver involved in a new serial killer linked to the one in the first book. He also has to revisit the past case, in particular, the convicted killer who was still haunting his dreams and life.

This book was a great sequel and I could not stop reading. The storyline was great, and I liked the way it had references to the first book, reminding you of the key parts. Again, it is set in Manchester and the surrounding areas, making it feel more familiar. I also enjoyed the book from the very beginning and it did not take me long to get into the book as it had the first.

Unfortunately, the next in the series has not been published yet (as the post goes live), so it is a waiting game to see how the story will progress. Hopefully round off the cliffhanger left by this book!

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#3 Close Your Eyes by Thomas Fincham

This book was another of the books which I downloaded for free, and again it was pleasing choice. This book was really enthralling!

Close Your Eyes is the first book in the series following the character Martin Rhodes, a former police detective trying to rebuild his life after serving 10 years in prison for murder. A serial killer begins leaving messages to the FBI in the form of dismembered bodies on the town’s train system.

I enjoyed this book, however, similar to other reviews on the book I thought that the main character needed more page time. I loved the storyline of the main serial killer with a few twists and turns thrown in, and also found it difficult to guess who the killer was. This was good as it kept me reading.
Not having read any of Thomas Fincham’s books before, this was definitely a good book to start with.

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#4 Cross Your Heart by Thomas Fincham

Since I had started the Martin Rhodes series I decided to buy the next book Cross Your Heart. This carries on where the first book Close your eyes left off, with a new serial killer in the midst (or is it…). Dubbed ‘The motel murders’ the serial killer is leaving telling messages to the FBI. Martin Rhodes is investigating a separate case, with the two appearing to link somehow.

In this book, you get more of a glimpse of Martin Rhodes which I preferred to the first book. I also liked how the first story was linked to the first with again various twists and turns in the plot line. I really didn’t want to stop reading this book, but alas every story comes to an end eventually.

In this book, you get more of a glimpse of Martin Rhodes which I preferred to the first book. I also liked how the first story linked to the first with various twists and turns in the plot line. I really didn’t want to stop reading this book, but alas every story comes to an end eventually.

A kindle with 'Cross your heart' book cover displayed on it.

#5 Say Your Prayers by Thomas Fincham

After reading Close Your Eyes and Cross Your Heart I had to continue the series by reading Say Your Prayers. The third book in the series. Again, this continues where the last book finished and brought together the various fragments from the first two books, whilst still allowing for more twists and turns.

More killings happen, seemingly related to the first two ‘serial killers’ with the end of the book explaining all and connecting the dots. I liked the further delve into the main characters’ lives which added a bit more to the plotline of the book. The way the book ends leaves it open for further stories into Martin Rhodes’ life. As of this post going live, there is not another in the series.

There is, however, a prequel named Fear Your Enemywhich follows Rhodes’ release from prison, prior to him arriving in Bridgeton where the first book in the series is set. I haven’t read this book yet, but I am looking forward to learning a bit about Martin Rhodes.

A kindle with 'Say your prayers' book cover displayed on it

There you have it, what I’m reading and 5 crime books that would make the perfect addition to your reading list.
Have you read any of the above? Have you been reading any good crime books recently?

Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Great post! I love my kindle, the kindle monthly sale is awesome and I always stock up on a few books! I haven’t read any of these but I love crime/thriller books so will have to give these a try, especially since they are free!

    1. Thanks for your comment. I really don’t know why I put off getting a Kindle for so long…I love mine too! Can’t quite believe how many books I have been getting through!
      I am all for the free books, however some I did have to pay for as the series was not included in the free deal.
      Let me know if you read any and what you thought of them.

      Aimsy xoxo

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