Staithes: A Weekend Away Travel Diary

Faded picture of Staithe's harbour area with the text overlay "A weekend away in Staithes

Last weekend we took a lovely, fairly relaxing family trip to the beautiful village of Staithes. Here is what we got up to…

Where is Staithes?

Staithes is a village in the Scarborough Borough of North Yorkshire and situated within the North York Moors National Park. It was once known as one of the largest fishing ports on the North East coast and has ample opportunity to have a go at a bit of rock pooling. It is also famous for fossil hunting as it is situated on the ‘Jurassic Coast’. Staithes is also the location for the CBeebies series ‘Old Jack’s Boat’.

Panorama view of Staithes hill top
Old Jack's Boat cardboard cutout on Staithes harbour
Old Jack’s Boat information board.

**Just a quick note…this may be a photo heavy post**
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Day 1 in Staithes

So, we set off early on a Friday morning, reaching Staithes around lunchtime. Th trip takes about two hours from Leeds. Deciding to take more of a scenic route, avoiding the A64 and travelling through quite a few different Yorkshire villages. Lucky for us, the weather was quite good, with a bit of sunshine peaking through the clouds.

We had booked a space in a private car park called Glen Vale rather than relying on the council run one. For our two-night stay, it only cost £10, which I think is quite a good price. Most parking in the village is at the top of a steep hill. There is minimal parking for visitors in the village. To be honest I wouldn’t want to drive down to the village. The hill is quite steep and has narrow cobbled roads in parts.

Statue of a blue lobster at the top of the steep hill in Staithes
Blue Lobster Statue at the top of Staithes
The start of Staithe's Highstreet

Where we stayed:

We booked a little two bedroomed cottage through, with the cottage being situated on the main high street. I think we got a bargain with this one, as it cost us £170 for two nights, between three of us. The cottage itself could sleep four and had full amenities to make your stay a pleasant one.

It was lovely to have a base in the main bit of the village, with the added bonus of one of the pubs being directly next door to the cottage! It was also only a short distance away from the harbour and beach of the village. We really could not complain about the cottage and would definitely be booking another stay if we were to visit Staithes again for the weekend.

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Grid photo of 'The Cottage' Staithes
The Cottage

As we arrived at lunchtime, we could not check into the cottage (check-in time was from 2 p.m.). So, we left our bags in the car, taking a mini explore of the village. The village of Staithes is just beautiful I couldn’t put my camera down all weekend.

Big and little cottages, quaint storefronts and winding cobbled streets to explore, what more could you want? We mainly explored the main part of the village. Including the main street (spotting and passing our cottage for the weekend) and the harbour, before heading into the harbourside pub called ‘Cod and Lobster‘.

The Cod and Lobster

Here we grabbed a drink and bite to eat whilst we discussed what the plan was for the rest of the day. I tried the homemade tomato and basil soup, and it was absolutely delicious, definitely homemade and not of a tinned variety.

View of The Cod and Lobster Pub in Staithes
View from a window in the Cod and Lobster, Staithes
Homemade tomato soup with baguette in the Cod and Lobster in Staithes
Homemade Tomato Soup with crusty baguette


After filling our tummies full of yummy food we trekked back up the hill to retrieve our bags to check into the cottage. We donned our walking boots and continued to explore the village.
Our exploration took us to the other side of the harbour where we faced another steep hill (seeing a theme here?) and of course decided to climb it. The climb was absolutely worth it for the view you get of the village from the top!

We continued along a bit more of a coastal path and were greeted with further views of the coast. This included what looked like some sort of waterfall from the side of the cliff.

A women standing wit the view overlooking Staithes
View over looking Staithes
Cliff View with a small waterfall in the distance

Night 1

We finished the day by returning to the cottage and cooking up something in the little kitchen before heading out for drinks in the three local pubs, choosing the pub next door as the last so we didn’t have far to walk.

Night scene, Staithes highstreet
Staithes Highstreet at Night
Night view Staithe's Highstreet with Betsy and Bo shop
Sweet Shop ‘Bestsy & Bo’

Day 2 in Staithes

We woke early as the millions of seagulls around the area decided to give their morning chorus. I could actually see them clinging to the side of the cliff from the window in the room I was staying. We had a quick breakfast in the cottage before heading out for the day.

This time we chose to explore the beach and rockpool areas and a bitter wind greeted us. The weather also decided to throw a bit of a spanner in the works by adding a bit of drizzle to the mix. That combined with the wind made it a bit unpleasant exploring, however, this soon cleared with rays of sunshine attempting to break through the gathering clouds. I found it fascinating how much the tide went out, exposing all of the smooth rocks, and pools, so that you could walk far out into where the sea should have been.

A stack of lobster pots along the harbour in Staithes
Lobster pots along the harbour
Seagulls on a cliff in Staithes
Sea view of Staithes
Close up view of sea shells on rocks in Staithes
A woman standing on the rocks with arms spread out in Staithes

Warming Up

To warm ourselves up after this, we went into the ‘Dotty’s Vintage Tearoom‘ which is opposite the cottage for a hot drink and piece of cake. I chose to have a hot chocolate with all the toppings, and a slice of pistachio cake. We also sampled fresh fruit scones and beetroot with white chocolate cake. All were delicious and certainly filled a gap. The tearoom is small but is decorated beautifully, with the owners being warm and friendly. It also doubles up as a shop, selling various vintage goods and at reasonable prices.

Various pictures in a grid from Dott's Tearoom in Staithes
Dotty’s Tearoom

After warming ourselves up, we headed back up the main hill to greet my sister-in-law and niece who decided to visit for the day. We did a bit more exploring and spent hours (felt like it) on the beach. My niece really was enjoying throwing pebbles back into the sea, as well as sticks for the many dogs enjoying the seaside too. We also went over to have a look at the RNLI Lifeboat, which allows you to have a look at the working lifeboat, as well as gather a bit of history about it. I must say that the lifeboat is a lot bigger than I thought it would be up close.

Boats in the sea at Staithes
Little girl throwing pebbles into the sea
RNLI Lifeboat Staithes

Night 2

After our guests had left, we headed to the Co-op just off of the main road into Staithes and grabbed ourselves something to cook in the cottage. Exhausted after walking about all day (I racked up over 22,000 steps on my FitBit), we decided to stay in that night with the log burner burning and a glass or two of wine. It totally made the cottage feel even cosier and was definitely nice to just chill out.

Phone signal was very hit and miss throughout the village so we were more dependent on wifi to get messages. I really didn’t mind this and it was nice being disconnected from the ‘world’ for a few days.

Lit wood log burner

Day 3 in Staithes

This was our final morning in Staithes (😪) and I was quite sad to leave. I feel like I have left a piece of my heart in this beautiful little village and I will definitely be visiting again. Before we left we packed up our belongings, loaded up the car, and luckily for us we were fine to leave the car in the car park for a few hours longer.

We capitalised on this by having a final walk up and around Staithes, capturing further views of this picturesque village. We found little shortcuts through the village and the start of the ‘Cleaveland Way’ coastal walk that takes you from Staithes all the way to Whitby, stopping at Runswick Bay along the way. It apparently takes around 4 hours either way from Staithes to Whitby. We didn’t go too far on this walk, just making it to the cliff top which overlooked Staithes.

Let me tell you it was quite an adventure getting there. From the rain, the day before the ground was quite wet and muddy in places, not to mention slightly steep. There was also a short walk in between a farm’s fields where your breath was certainly taken away by the strong manure smells of the farm. Again, it was all worth it for the wonderful view of the bay of Staithes that you got.

Street with fishing equipment on the walls in Staithes
Street view with Cleaveland way signpost
Horse in a field with an over coat on
View of the Bay of Staithes from a cliff top with the tide out
View of Staithes Bay

Runswick Bay

Heading to the car we decided to have a few more stops before fully setting off for home. Our first stop was to the lovely Runswick Bay, which is just down the coast from Staithes en route towards Whitby. Now, Runswick Bay is another lovely seaside village, with house or cottages built up the cliffside, and a vast beach to walk and sunbathe (in good weather) along. It is another firm favourite for dog walkers too. We parked at the top of another very steep hill, one I decided wasn’t worth driving down, as I thought I would probably get stuck at the bottom!

We had a walk along the beach, before making our way through the narrow ‘streets’ of the village and heading on back to the car for our final stop.

Runswick Bay street sign
Boats on the steps at Runswick Bay
Runswick Bay view of the town from the beach
Runswick Bay


Our final stop was to the seaside town of Whitby, a place I haven’t visited in years. We spent a good portion of the afternoon here, arriving about lunchtime (ish), which was ample time to have a little explore, grab a bite to eat and of course a seaside ice cream!

We walked up the famous 199 steps towards The Abbey, having a look around the grounds but not actually entering the Abbey itself. I think it cost around £8 roughly to have a real look around at the Abbey, however, we decided not to do this. Packed full of people compared to where we had just visited in Staithes and Runswick Bay, you had to move around on the stairs to let those coming down/up pass.

Woman stood underneath the Whitby whale Bones with arms outstretched
View of Whitby, with the Abbey in the background
Whitby Abbey side view
hand holding an Ice cream cone with Whitby Abbey in the background

It was a fab weekend, and I would fully recommend visiting Staithes! There is more to do such as visiting the Captain Cook museum and visiting the art galleries, but that can wait for the next trip.

Have you been to Staithes or somewhere similar? Where would you recommend for a weekend away? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading,

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    1. Thanks for your comment!
      It was really nice to just get away and spend a lot of time outdoors.
      I would deffo recommend it as a place to visit

      Aimsy xoxo

    1. Thanks for your comment!
      I took so many pictures and videos of the place, but thought it would be a bit overkill adding more! I definitely recommend staying there. I think staying near to Christmas would be magical!

      Aimsy xoxo

  1. I had never heard of that place before! looks like such an interesting and beautiful little city! the house are super cute and it really looks like the perfect place for a weekend away! Sounds like you had a blast! xx corinne

    1. I hadn’t really heard of it before we started researching where to go for the weekend. I fell in love with the pictures of the village, and it really reminded me of a little city somewhere in Europe.
      This was the first time staying in a little cottage like this, but I would so do it again.
      Thanks for commenting!

      Aimsy xoxo

  2. Staithes Looks amazing. I’d never heard of it! I’ve been to Scarborough though! It looks so british!!! Hahaha. Loved the photos and loved how you varied them. The dog is adorable! Xo

    1. The people there were so friendly too! It is not as busy/commercial (??) as Scarborough. Definitely a little gem on the Yorkshire Coast!

      Aimsy xoxo

    1. Oh it was brill. It’s nice just to get away, isn’t it? You can’t grumble at a 2 ish hour drive either!
      Thanks for commenting!

      Aimsy xoxo

  3. This was so strange to read. I live in a little village on the North East coast and Staithes is only about 20 minutes drive down the road from me. Your little cottage looks lovely and you certainly packed a lot into a few days. Must have been cold though…x


    1. Oh, how strange! It is such a nice place in the country though…you are lucky to have this on your doorstep. I bet your village is lovely too if it is anything like Staithes. We were so tired after it but really enjoyed being out and about. Luckily the cottage was nice and toasty log burner and central heating) but it was freezing on the beach that second day, especially with the wind whipping you in the face!
      Thanks for your comment too!

      Aimsy xoxo

    1. Thanks for commenting!
      You so should book a trip up here. There are so many beautiful places to visit, I know I deffo want to explore more of my home county!

      Aimsy xoxo

  4. I love a photo heavy post!
    I have fallen in the with your cottage, and that kitchen is adorable. That tearoom food is to die for, but I guess I’d say that when anything covered in chocolate. I’m glad you had such a nice time and managed to take some great photos. I really need to start exploring some hidden gems of England, there is so much I need to see. Even though it’s not really a hidden gem, I do want to head down to Brighton during the summer.

    Thanks for a great post.

    Aycan xx

    1. I always worry about a bit more of a photo heavy post, but I love looking at other people’s pictures to see what they have been up to!
      The tea room was lovely, and you can actually stay there as its a boutique b&b so you could have the yumminess for your breakfast if you liked!
      I think you forget how many lovely places there are to explore in the UK. I have never visited Brighton, but I bet it is lovely in summer, I will have to add that one to my ever-growing list of places to visit now!
      Thank you for commenting!

      Aimsy xoxo

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