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My TV watching fluctuates from month to month, and I thought it would be nice to summarise in a post what I have been watching throughout February. So, here is what i’m watching:

What I’m Watching:

Winter Olympics

I have been the most hooked on watching the Winter Olympics during February. I am quite surprised with how much I have enjoyed it. Never would I have thought I would enjoy watching the winter sports as much as I love watching the summer version. From the snowboarding to the ice skating, and even curling. I have been rushing home and putting on the highlights shows on to see what has happened over in PyeongChang. I’ve also been watching it ‘live’ on a morning before heading out to work, nearly being late a few times!

After watching these games, I can 100% guarantee I am going to be watching the Winter Paralympic Games, which I have always found super inspiring.
I don’t think I will be taking up any of the sports though, I would surely be on the floor constantly a la Bambi style! 🤣

TV screen displaying the winter Olympics title sequence

The Sinner

Another show I was completely hooked on was The Sinner. I know I am a bit late to the party, with this first airing on Netflix (UK) in November (I think) but better late than never.
I loved this show with various twists and turns through the plot. The 8-part series was truly gripping. Watching half of the series (4 episodes) in one night and only reluctantly turning off because I was up for work early the next day.

Jessica Biel plays a great lead role in this series, and you really do feel the emotion she is portraying. I also liked that the show had sub-plots that were and were not relating to the main storyline.
I also want Jessica’s hair after watching this. She suits a full fringe really well!

TV screen displaying the sinner title sequence

Silent Witness

The next show I watched in semi catch up and semi-real-time was Silent Witness. I didn’t watch the previous series, and now wished I had, so will be looking to find that on i-player.

Now, if you have seen my post What I’m Reading you will know that I love a good crime story. Silent Witness definitely does not disappoint in this area. The background of the characters was continuous throughout all episodes, which really helped in linking cases together.
I think the episode that hit me the most was ‘Day One’ which centred on a care home with the issue of abuse. The creators really encaptured the possibility of what it could be like for people living in these homes. Although, I would like to think (maybe naively) that this does not happen in ‘real life’.

TV screen showing the Silent witness title image

Disney Films

Although I have managed to watch the above shows throughout February, my time has been occupied with watching various Disney films. I love Disney films, but most of this was not of my choosing and in fact the choice of the little delight that is my three-year-old niece. She has just discovered the magic of Disney.

Now, Frozen was and is still a hit, and you can’t resist singing along to the very catchy songs, but when it is on for the third consecutive viewing, it begins to grate on you. Luckily Frozen isn’t the only Disney film she likes so we had the treat to quite a few. My favourite of these at the moment has to be Moana! I love the songs in it, and who couldn’t love a character voiced by Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson??

TV screen with the Frozen film title image
TV screen showing Moana and Maui
TV screen showing the Moana title image

So there you have a few of the shows and films that I have been watching throughout February.

Have you watched any of these?
Do you have any suggestions on what to watch next??

Thanks for reading,

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    1. The Sinner is brilliant! I have heard they are making a second series, so now is your chance to watch before it comes out!
      Let me know what you think of it.
      Aimsy xoxo

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