March TreatBox – A Look Inside This Months

Faded picture of the March treat box items with the text overlay "March Treatbox"

I have previously blogged about My first treatbox and January’s treatbox and thought I would do a summary of the one I received for this month, March. I absolutely love these little boxes of treats coming through the letterbox each month. So without further ado, here is my March treatbox.

If you haven’t heard of treatbox before, it is a subscription box in which you are sent a bunch of goodies each month. The monthly subscription cost is £12, and you get around 6-8 items dependent on the theme, as well as a monthly calendar spread, and various motivational artwork/cards.

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In this month’s box, you receive  8 treats as well as 1 art card and the monthly calendar/information on products. The theme of this box is ‘me time’, with all products being about taking time for yourself away from the everyday stresses. This box is perfect for this month, especially as winter feels like it is dragging its feet to leave.

March treatbox overview picture full of various items
March Treatbox

Inside the March Treatbox:

Upon opening the box, I was hit instantly with a very sweet smell, which I later went onto discover was an amazing marshmallow flavoured wax melt by Charismatic Cat. Honestly, it smells so good that you want to eat it! To top off the lovely smell it has a sprinkling of glitter throughout it, and who doesn’t mind a bit of glitter in their life? I just need to hunt out a pretty and decent wax melt burner now.

Alongside this was the monthly art card with an inspirational quote of “Be kind to yourself”. I love this inspirational quote, as I think you can so easily forget yourself and give everything to and for others without taking a minute to look after yourself. I know I will be putting this up and trying to have a bit of ‘me time’, even if it is just for five minutes. Don’t you think it is so important to have a bit of time to yourself? Especially for your mental health.

Charismatic Cat candle melt and inspirational art card with"Be kind to yourself' written inside a blue heart

Body Treat:

Two of the other products within the treatbox are naturally scented coffee scrubs from Optiat. The scrubs being made with repurposed used coffee grounds collected from various cafes and restaurants around London. I have never heard of this brand, and upon research have discovered that they have a range of handmade, natural and sustainable skincare products with ingredients that would otherwise be discarded. One of the main ingredients for their scrubs is used coffee grounds, and their aim is to reduce the number of microbeads being used, which are harmful to the environment.

I haven’t tried the scrubs yet, as I am awaiting the perfect me time to use them. After a bit of reading, I think the scrubs are primarily designed for the body but you can use on the face. Just be careful as facial skin is more sensitive, and a test patch is advised by the company.

Two packets of Optiat coffee scrubs. Named "Hit the sheets coffee scrub" and "Feel good coffee scrub".

Sleepy Time:

The next three products in the box are perfect for trying to get the magical 8 hours rest through the night.
Firstly there is a ‘do not disturb’ type sign on your door. This would be perfect to use on the bathroom door when having a long soak in the bath. Instead you could use as you would in a hotel, placing onto your bedroom door handle for a (fingers crossed) peaceful nights sleep.

To aid this lovely nights sleep is a caffeine free tea bag from Tea Huggers. Containing lavender, blueberry flavour, rooibos, lemon balm, orange peel, apple and hibiscus petals. I haven’t tried this yet, but I do like a good fruity tea and this sound yummy. With it being caffeine free, perfect for a drink before heading off to the land of Nod.

Now, I am not sure how much I will use the next product in this set, mainly because I hate not being able to open my eyes and see around me. (Anyone one else worried about spooks in the night?). This would have been perfect for when I worked night shifts and needed to block out the daylight. That’s right, you get a sleep /eye mask. It would also be perfect for using on flights when you just want to zone out of all around you.

Eye mask with "Dreamer" written on it, door sign with "Shh! Now it's me time..." and sleepy tea by Tea Huggers.

Beauty Treat

So, the next two and final items in this wonderful March treatbox are a canvas makeup case and nail varnish. Firstly the makeup case is lovely, with mine having “Too glam to give a damn” written on the front. This is perfect for weekends away where you don’t need a tonne of products, or even to carry the odd makeup products in your handbag.

The nail varnish is from NailsInc, which I have used previously and found to be a great nail varnish. The colour you get is a bluish colour with speckles in and is from the cotton candy range. I think the colour is ‘Harrington Square’ or ‘Harrington Street’. This nail varnish would be perfect for a pamper session, and with the colour being quite a pastel one, it will be perfect for the coming spring season. Don’t you think? On the information sheet the nail varnish is £10, so is a real bargain as the treatbox is £12!

Makeup Bag 'too glam to give a damn' written on it
NailsInc nail varnish - turquoise colour

There you have a breakdown of March’s treatbox. I am hoping to have some form of relaxing pamper session tonight, fingers crossed! I can’t wait to see what goodies I receive next month.
How often do you take ‘me time’? Let me know in the comments below.

As always, thanks for reading!

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  1. I love a good wax melt! The one you received looks awesome.
    I haven’t heard of the Treatbox but I love the idea of supporting the small companies in it, so thank you for sharing!

    1. I love the Treatbox…April’s box has just come through the post this morning in fact.
      I still need to get myself a wax burner, I can’t wait to use the wax melt. I think it is going to smell divine.

      Thanks for commenting!

      Aimsy xoxo

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