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Looking for a refreshing but quick and easy drink to ease you into the summer months? Why not give white sangria a go. Check out my take on the Spanish drink below:

So, last weekend I hosted a tapas evening with the girls. If you follow me on Instagram (shameless plug) you may have seen my stories of all the yummy food I was making for it. I will share the full recipes of those in due course. One recipe I didn’t end up sharing on my Instagram story was this lovely quick and easy recipe for white sangria!

Jug of white sangria on a watermelon print tray


Now, sangria is a popular Spanish alcoholic drink. Traditionally made with red wine, fruit, fruit juices, sugar and brandy. Recipes can vary for this, but the base is always red wine. Typically a Spanish wine will be used to make this Spanish punch. However, recently there has been an adaption of this lovely drink with a white wine version being made. Perfect for a more crisp and refreshing taste during the summer months. Again, recipes vary for this drink, and here is my take on white sangria.
It is not quite the traditional recipe for the white wine version, as I did not have apricot brandy, which is usually added to either form of Sangria.

Close up shot of fruit and ice in a jug of white sangria

How to Make White Sangria:

Well, as I have said, this is a quick and easy recipe for making your own white sangria. It contains only five ingredients and has a citrusy vibe to it. Perfect on a summer’s day! White wine, Cointreau, frozen fruit, lemonade and ice make up this summery punch.


  • 750ml Bottle of Spanish White Wine
  • 1 Cup / 250ml Cointreau
  • Frozen Fruit (tropical and berries)
  • Lemonade
  • Ice Cubes
  • Extra Items:
    • Pitcher Jug
    • Spoon to mix

I bought a fairly cheap bottle of Spanish white wine from my local Lidl. You want to use a white wine that you would drink on its own, as something too cheap will not make for a nice sangria. I had the bottle of Cointreau left over from last Christmas after using it to add to my homemade orange marmalade (which I have realised I never shared on here!).
The frozen fruit was again purchased from Lidl, and are part of their smoothie packs. You get three small packs of frozen fruit perfect for smoothing making. I opted for their tropical pack and their berry pack to add to the sangria. This recipe uses three of those bags; two tropical and one berry, but you could use whichever fruit you prefer!

Empty jug with white wine on the right and a bottle of Cointreau on the left

Step 1 – Mix Your Alcohol:

Grab a pitcher jug as this will house your yummy punch. I bought mine from Home Bargains, and it is the perfect size for this sangria. You then want to open your bottle of chosen white wine and pour this into the pitcher. Preferably the wine will be chilled, but it doesn’t matter if not.

Next, grab the Cointreau and measure out a cup full. It doesn’t really matter if you choose to use more or less of this, it depends how strong you want your sangria to taste. Add this into the pitcher with the white wine.

Step 2 – Add in the Fruit and Ice:

Select your frozen fruit (or fresh fruit if you prefer) and add this into the pitcher with the sangria. Give the mixture a bit of a stir to incorporate the fruit. You can leave the sangria like this to strengthen and soak into the fruit for a few hours before serving. Keep it refrigerated if you choose to do so. Unfortunately, my pitcher jug does not fit in our fridge, so this option was out for me.

You then want to add a bit of ice to the sangria to really chill it down. Add as much or less as you like, again giving it a bit of a mix-up.

Two bags of frozen fruit, one yellow in colour and the other red in colour

Step 3 – Add the Lemonade

Now you want to top your sangria up with lemonade of your choice. Give it another stir and you are ready to serve your quick, easy and refreshing white sangria!

White Sangria on a tray with three gin style glasses around it
Shot looking down into a jug of white sangria with frozen fruit and ice

Super easy, right? Not the most traditional recipe for white sangria, but still totally yummy and refreshing!

Do you like Sangria? Will you be giving this version a go? Let me know in the comments below! I would love to hear any other spirits to add to the sangria to really make it pop.

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24 thoughts on “White Sangria | A Quick and Easy Recipe

    1. Oh, you will like this if you like Pimms. Totally refreshing and summery!
      Thanks for commenting 🙂 Hoe you like it if you try!

      Aimsy xoxo

  1. This sounds delicious! I really like sangria, but feel like the red wine is sometimes too heavy for the summer – this sounds like a perfect alternative. Thank you for sharing!xx

    1. Definitely! I like the red version, but it is nice to change it up a bit isn’t it?!
      Thanks for commenting 🙂

      Aimsy xoxo

  2. I’m not sure I have ever had Sangria before! I do like mixing things with white wine or rose – so I am thinking I would probably enjoy this! Would be lovely in the summer and just sip throughout the afternoon!

    Hayley | hayleyxmartin

    1. A rose version would be lovely too! White or rose would be perfect for summer drinking!
      Thanks for commenting 🙂

      Aimsy xoxo

  3. Ooh this looks and sounds so delicious! It’s the perfect summer drink, so fruity and refreshing! I’ve never tried Sangria with white wine before, but I imagine it makes a nice change and it is lighter than red wine. Thanks for sharing the idea and recipe Aimsy, will remember this for the summer months! <3 xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

    1. I like the red version, but it can get a bit much after a glass or two can’t it? The white version definitely makes it lighter. Definitely perfect for the warmer months. There are other versions to this but the Cointreau adds nice citrus feel to it.
      Let me know what you think if you do try it.

      thanks for commenting! 🙂

      Aimsy xoxo

    1. Sangria can definitely be strong, and go to your head easily! The white version is much lighter, but with enough glasses will still go to your head!
      Let me know what you think if you do make it!
      Thanks for commenting! 🙂

      Aimsy xoxo

  4. Oooh yum! I’ve only had Red wine Sangria in the past but this is deffo a recipe I need to put to the test this Summer.

    Thanks for sharing

    Shona Marie xo | Bellechic.blog

    1. It is perfect for summer, especially if the weather is nice and sunny!

      Thanks for commenting 🙂

      Aimsy xoxo

  5. I’ve never thought about making a cocktail at home. Now that I read this post and I look at how much alcohol my dad has lying around ours and with the weather warming up I might start whooping up some homemade ones myself. Maybe cheekily do a White Sangria courtesy of yourself xD

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Johnny | Johnny’s Traventures

    1. I am so glad this has inspired you to make a few homemade cocktails! Perfect for extra alcohol lying around…we have a cupboard full of various bits and bobs that we have accumulated!
      Let me know how it turns out if you do give it a go. I would love to see it!

      Thanks for commenting 🙂

      Aimsy xoxo

  6. Ooo love this, I am going to have to try this out for the next bank holiday weekend I reckon! Good idea about getting the smoothie packs from Aldi, such a handy idea xx

    Rebecca – thediaryofrebecca.com

    1. Thanks for commenting! Glad you liked the recipe and it’s inspired you to try it out. Fingers crossed for a sunny bank hol to enjoy it on!
      Makes it so much easier buying already cut and frozen fruit!

      Aimsy xoxo

    1. Glad it’s inspired you! Happy cocktail making
      Thanks for commenting too!
      Aimsy xoxo

  7. I love Sangrias! But I’ve never thought to make them at home. Thanks for the recipe. I will definitely put it to use!

    1. Glad you liked the recipe! Let me know what you think of it if you do make it!
      Thanks for commenting

      Aimsy xoxo

    1. You totally could make a non-alcoholic version of this. I bet it would be super fruity and refreshing!
      Thanks for commenting!

      Aimsy xoxo

    1. It is much lighter than the red wine version, but equally as tasty! Perfect to be made at home!
      Thanks for commenting 🙂

      Aimsy xoxo

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