Blogger Recognition Award | I was Nominated!

The Blogger Recognition Award -

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be nominated for a Blogger Recognition Award.

It’s a pretty amazing feeling when a tweet comes through from a fellow blogger nominating you for a blogger recognition award. I have been lucky enough to be nominated to a similar ‘award’ in the past; The Versatile Blogger Award, and this one has given me the same sort of buzz! It definitely makes you feel like your blog is being read and liked; so definitely a push to keep blogging.

The blogger that nominated me for this award was The Frosted Pineapple, and I want to thank them for this nomination! The Frosted Pineapple is a great blog, sharing various different lifestyle topics, including exercise, beauty, DIY projects and gardening to name a few! Be sure to check them out as they have some really great posts!

The Blogger Recognition Award:

The Blogger Recognition award is a fab way to share the love between your fellow bloggers. It is a way of recognising each other’s hard work and commitments that is put into the whole running a blog purpose. Plus it is totally awesome to get nominated. It definitely helps boost your confidence in blogging, and actually, make you feel that others are reading and loving your blog.

On the technical side of things, it is also fab for SEO, as it creates backlinks. These are so important to authentically build up your domain authority; as well as that of your fellow bloggers. So a win-win situation!

Rules for the Blogger Recognition Award:

If you get nominated then here are the simple rules to follow:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you, and link back to their blog.
  2. Write a blog post about receiving the award.
  3. Share your story of why you started your blog.
  4. Give two pieces of advice that you have for new bloggers.
  5. Nominate 10-15 fellow bloggers for the award.
  6. Notify your nominees of their nomination.

Why I Started Aimsy’s Antics:

One of my friends actually inspired me to start blogging; as she thought I would be good at it (so thanks Mamma Claire!) There were a few reasons why I started; one was to share my travel stories and pictures in a more meaningful way than just posting on Facebook. I absolutely love going on holiday to Greece, and this felt like the perfect way to share that love and to inspire others to visit this beautiful country. Although now my blog includes more places than just Greece, I hope it gives others travel inspiration of where to visit, be it abroad or in the UK.

The second reason was to kick-start me back into my more creative side, including my crafts, sewing and various recipes. So, as I developed my creative skills I would also be sharing this journey with you and giving others inspiration, tips and tricks of how to do it themselves. Sort of killing two birds with one stone.

I know the topics are quite different from each other, but I didn’t really want to niche down my blog. I often flit from one thing to another in my everyday life, so why not continue in this style with my blog? Totally living up to my star sign of Gemini with that one and hence the name Aimsy’s Antics! I guess it also keeps you guys on your toes with not 100% knowing what the next post would be. Probably not great for SEO or whatever, but who cares?! I will hopefully always have content to share by doing it this way.

2 women smiling in a selfie on a boat in Parga, Greece
The trip that started it all…

Advice for Newbie Bloggers:

So here are my two bits of advice for newbie bloggers, or those who are wanting to start blogging:

1. Write about what you are passionate about or have an interest in. Chances are you will keep on writing and having content ideas if it is something you love. Also as readers, you can tell when a blogger has enthusiasm and passion for what they are writing about…it shows in their posts. If you are passionate about it, then you may just inspire others to be passionate about it too! Blogging is hard work, and the money /free things are definitely not a given why you start out; so blog for the fun of it not to earn money when you start out.

2. This is a sort of two for one bit of advice, but read up as much as you can about starting a blog. That way you will be fully prepared and not leave things out if you carry on with your blog. This includes research about SEO; how to style your blog, how to promote it etc. You don’t want to copy other bloggers, but at least you can get an idea of what appeals to others when reading blogs.

I would also suggest (if you are wanting to be serious about blogging) to start an email subscription to your blog from the start. This way you ‘own’ your own following rather than relying on your following on social media. If these social media sites are shut down, then potentially all of your readers would be gone, but not with an email subscription list! I wish I had done this from the start; as they can be hard to build!

So, there is my advice on starting a blog for newbie bloggers. Hope they are helpful!

My Nominees:

Here are my nominees for the Blogger Recognition Award…drumroll please:

Gif showing 4 people doing a drumroll on a desk
  1. Lucy over at – Such a great blog cover a depth of topics, including blogging, fashion and travel. She also covers the topic of living with a long term condition; which is truly eye-opening!
  2. Lloyd over at – A fantastic blog fill of Lloyd’s food and drink lifestyle. Don’t read whilst you are hungry!
  3. Jenny over at – Another great blog covering a variety of topics including review, beauty, mental health and blogging tips.
  4. Lea Bella over at – A fab travel blog, full of travel inspirations and tips and tricks.
  5. Lauren over at – Another fabulous travel blog, mainly featuring Spain. She is totally killing the blogging scene with her wonderful blog. Her socials are great too!
  6. Rebecca over at – A wonderful lifestyle and travel blog. Her photos are stunning too!
  7. Johnny over at – Another great travel blog following Johnny’s adventures as well as travel tips and tricks.
  8. Shona over at bellechic – A lovely lifestyle and beauty blog, featuring beauty products, recipes and home decor.
  9. Bexa over at – A wonderful crafty and creative blog, filled with the cutest stationery!
  10. Catherine over at – My total crafty inspiration crush. She can turn anything into a work of art! She’s over on Youtube too, and you have to watch her InstaStories!
  11. Melis over at – A wanderlust-inducing travel blog. full of the many trips she takes.
  12. Hayley over at -A lovely travel and blogging themed blog, filled with blogging tips and wanderlust.
  13. Sophie over at – A foodie’s heaven with fabulous recipes, as well as touching on beauty and lifestyle.
  14. Savannah over at – A wonderful positivity spreading blog, featuring travel and lifestyle posts.
  15. Amie over at – A fabulous lifestyle and beauty blog, filled with her beauty favourites, food, fashion and mental health.

So, there are my 15 nominations! I am looking forward to who you guys nominate and your advice to budding bloggers! No pressure in writing a bloggers recognition award post though!

As always, thanks for reading!

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