Gin Tasting Evening with Napoleon’s Casino

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The gin and tonic has saved more Englishmen’s lives, and minds, than all the doctors in the Empire. 

– Sir Winston Churchill

Gin is everywhere at the moment and has definitely been rising up the ranks of popularity in recent years. I thought I didn’t like gin until I tasted it without tonic so the conclusion is that tonic is my enemy! 😂
With so many types of gin, flavours cocktails and various tonics, a gin tasting event is the best way to explore what you like and don’t like.

Now, I have been to a few drinks themed events; such as Cocktails in the city and Cocktail Masterclassso I was very happy to be attending another. With that said, my friend’s and I headed out to an event held at Napoleon’s Casino in Bradford. This was a birthday gift for one of the girls. 
The evening consisted of a four-course meal with four gins to try and a free £5 bet in the casino, all for £22pp. (Sorry Jess if you are reading this, you now know how much we spent!)

Entrance of a casino, with a fish tank and schedule

 On arrival, a welcome drink of a cider and gin ‘cocktail’ with a slice of pear to garnish greeted us. The taste was quite sharp initially, but the combination really did work well together. 
Then we were shown to our table, which was set up with four different mixers to go with the gins we would be tasting. The event was pretty busy and filled with people of all ages. 

hand holding a champagne flute with a cider and gin cocktail in fruit of a roulette wheel
Various tonics and mixer bottles on a table

The announcer introduced our host for the evening, a man who was an expert in all things gin. He gave a brief overview of what the night would consist of, before explaining a bit about the arrival drink we had.
The first course of the evening arrived at the table following his speech. This was a miniature potato and watercress soup, which was delicious and the perfect size. I think if it had been a larger serving the dish would have been too much.

Once we had finished the soup, the next course made its appearance. Ricotta cheese and roasted pimento tartlet with avocado, tomato and mint salsa to be exact. This again was very yummy and perfect size for a starter dish.

Potato and watercress soup in a miniture cup on a table
Ricotta cheese tartlet with rocket and tomato garnish on a plate

Following the two dishes, along came two gins to sample. One being rhubarb flavoured with a garnish of raspberry or orange. The next was ‘plain’ with either a garnish of raspberry or orange. I can’t quite remember which was which, and what garnish was on each. We mixed one of the drinks with ginger ale and the other with rose lemonade. I totally got these two mixed up and believe I put the wrong mixer in each, but they still tasted delicious.
The event holder then gave us a brief history of gin, and why each drink was selected. We were then left to enjoy the drinks before the main course meal came out.

Man talking to a room full of people holding a microphone
Two glasses of flavoured gin on a table with garnishes of orange and raspberries

The main meal arrived whilst we drank our two gins. Pan fried chicken breast, charred asparagus and pea risotto, smoked pancetta crisps and béarnaise sauce was the dish. A selection of vegetables and potatoes accompanied the meal. Oh, let me tell you; this was delicious but totally filling. I was well and truly stuffed!

Chicken breast with pancetta and bearnaise sauce on a plate garnished with watercress

After finishing the main meal, two more gins came to the table for us to try. Again, I am not quite sure which gins they were. One had a garnish of a slice of grapefruit and the other with a sprig of mint. An aromatic tonic and an elderflower tonic were the chosen mixers. It was safe to say that I preferred the first two gins to these ones, just because of the tonic element. I managed to finish the one with aromatic tonic, but couldn’t finish the other.
The host gave a further history on gin, as well as the reasoning between the tonic pairings.

Two glasses of gin on a table with grapefruit and mint leaves garnishes
Woman holding up two glasses of gin smiling

Whilst we were attempting to enjoy the last two gins, out came dessert. Luckily there was a bit of a break between the main and dessert so I had enough room to fit it in. The dessert was a very tasty lemon tart with summer berry Eton mess and raspberry coulis. A perfect accompaniment to the (in my opinion) bitter gin and tonics.

Lemon tart with berry coulis and eton mess crumble on a plate garnished with a mint leaf

Eventually, we finished our desserts and left the gins half full, with the event coming to a close. We left to spend our £5 free bet up in the casino. Unfortunately for us, we were not lucky that night, with us winning a sum total of £0!

Written menu of the gin tasting event

All in all a fab night and event, and one I would love to attend again. I would definitely recommend if it comes up again, and you can’t quibble at the price. A pure bargain of a night!
Have you attended a gin tasting event before? Is gin your thing?
Let me know in the comments below 😁

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2 thoughts on “Gin Tasting Evening with Napoleon’s Casino

  1. This looks absolutely fabulous! I’m a sucker for gin and also thought I hated it before I tried it without tonic. Gin and lemonade is my favourite!! Rhubarb especially and the violet one is SO gorgeous! All the food looks right up my street too, I would devour that dessert. Anything with raspberry flavouring and I’m 100% sold! I’d absolutely love to attend something like this, I will definitely have to have a look around in Bristol for something similar!
    Alice Xx

    1. It was a great night. I am sure that there will be other places that will do a similar type of event. Oh, I have only recently tried the violet gin and I am in love with it. It is too easy to drink!

      Thanks for your comment!

      Aimsy xoxo

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