Ibis Hotel Leeds – A One Night Stay

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Who doesn’t love a night away in a nice hotel? Well, a few weeks ago I spent a night in the Ibis Hotel in Leeds. Here is my review of my stay.

Just to start off, this isn’t a sponsored post or ad, I just want to share my opinion on the hotel.
A friend and I decided to book a hotel room for a hen do we were attending. Even though I live in Leeds we thought it would be easier and a bit of a treat to stay in a hotel for the night. The hotel of choice was the Ibis Hotel, located on Marlborough Street just out of the city centre. The old Yorkshire Post landmark is just around the corner and can be seen from the hotel. 

Image of the view from a room at Ibbis Hotel Leeds. Construction work in the background of high rise buildings and a main road.

Check in

It was really easy to check in at the Ibis hotel, especially with their online check-in feature. It was so simple, and the hotel informed that by checking in online an earlier check-in would be available. We opted to check-in before 3 p.m (the standard check-in time for Ibis Hotels). 

Arriving at the hotel, we only had to provide our name and the staff provided us with our room key. A few instructions and directions later and we were in our room.

The Room

For £80 we bagged a double room for the two of us with the price including breakfast. I don’t think that is half bad for a night’s stay and was one of the reasons why we booked the Ibis hotel. It was one of the cheapest on the market for the date we were staying.

The room was a decent size with a double bed and en-suite style bathroom. The bathroom reminded me of a caravan bathroom, compact but well equipped. The shower was good and easy to use, with a folding door shower screen. The hotel provides toiletries too, which are part of their Planet 21 programme. The toiletries include eco-certified soap, shower gel and shampoo.
A good size wardrobe/clothing storage area made up one corner of the room with extra pillows stored there. A floor length mirror was a bonus, and a great addition, especially as we got ready for the hen-do. Also included in the room was a small travel kettle with hot drink making facilities.

This room was perfect for a night’s stay and the bed was so comfortable. I loved the fact that you could control the heat of the room by either having the built-in air con going or setting this to heat the room. There were also a few other guest staying who were on nights out, but you couldn’t tell this as the hotel was lovely and quiet through the night. Definitely a bonus for a cheaper hotel room!

Image of a double bedroom at Ibis Hotel Leeds. Double bed, tv, wardrobe and window in the shot, as well as traveller's belongings.
Double Room at Ibis Hotel Leeds – Marlborough Street
Image of a bathroom at the Ibis Hotel Leeds. Sink, toilet and shower in shot
Image of power shower in Ibis Hotel Leeds.
Image of a shower gel bottle provided by Ibis Hotel Leeds. Part of the Planet 21 programme. Picture of a woman with hair bubbled up on the top of her head in a spike on the bottle.

Bar Area

The Ibis Hotel has a bar area as you enter, which was well stocked and reasonably priced for a hotel.  It is known as ‘Fogg’s’, and food is also served here through the day. We didn’t sample any of the menus apart from breakfast, but I bet it was delicious.

There was a variety of seating areas including booths, tables with chess boards and sofas. There is also a computer or two for guests to use. 
We had a drink in the bar before heading out to meet the rest of the hen party. Sitting near the window we had a great opportunity to people watch and watch the comings and goings of other guests.
The bar area also doubles up as the breakfast area, which leads me onto the next part of this post.

Image of the bar area of Ibis hotel Leeds. Glasses, bottles and fruit adorne the bar.
Bar area at Ibis Hotel Leeds – Marlborough Street
Image of red sofas in the reception area of Ibis hotel Leeds
Reception Seating area
Image of booth seating area in Ibis Hotel Leeds
Image of a seating area inside Ibis Hotel Leeds


As I mentioned further above we paid £80 for the room and breakfast, with breakfast costing £8 each. The hotel breakfast is unlimited so you can really fill your boots for a great price! I opted to try the yoghurt and granola mix first, followed by a small cooked breakfast of bacon, scrambled eggs, sausage and beans. My favourite thing about the breakfast was the coffee machine, which had quite a lot of choice of hot drinks. I know simple things impress me! The macchiato latte I chose was delicious though.

Image of Ibis Hotel Leeds cooked breakfast bar with a woman filling her plate.
Image of cereal bar at Hotel Ibis Leeds, milk is in a container with a tap
Image of yoghurt with granola in a pot and a cup of coffee at the Ibis Hotel Leeds. Croissant in the background
Image of Ibis Hotel Leeds cooked breakfast. Includes a plate with scrambled egg, bacon, sausage and beans on

Check Out

Check out was really simple at the Ibis Hotel with a key drop box. This is similar to other hotels where you post your room key when you leave the hotel. Check out time was 12 p.m, however, we left just before 11 a.m. A member of staff wished us a safe onward journey and that was that, the end of our stay.

Ibis Hotel Overview

I thought the Ibis Hotel in Leeds was perfect for our one night stay, but I would have happily stayed more than one night. If you are ever looking to stay over in Leeds I would 100% recommend this hotel, decent price and a good distance from the city centre. I will definitely be looking to stay in other Ibis hotels in the future, whichever city I choose to visit next in the UK.

Have you stayed in this hotel or other Ibis hotels? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!

6 thoughts on “Ibis Hotel Leeds – A One Night Stay

    1. Yeah they are no way 5*, but a good affordable option. I was pleasantly surprised, as I have stayed in a few travel lodges and they are just grim! I guess you get what you pay for though haha!

      Thanks for commenting 🙂

      Aimsy xoxo

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever stayed in an Ibis! Maybe at an airport once? It doesn’t look too bad for the money. I do like a hotel that can provide me with a nice bathroom though. This seems good for a night, especially for a hen party but I don’t think I’d want to stay for longer than a weekend. It sounds like good value for a city centre location though x


    1. Apart from a visit a few bars during the hen do, we went to a Pizza express for something to eat.
      Trinity Kitchen is brilliant though for trying different foods out. I think they change the vendors every 6 weeks. Well worth a visit!

      Thanks for commenting 🙂

      Aimsy xoxo

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