Prosecco & Gin Festival – Let the Evening BeGin!

Last week I attended a prosecco and gin festival held in Leeds. Here is the lowdown on the festival. Let’s beGin!

I am partial to a bit of gin; only recently discovering that I actually liked it. Well, I maybe enjoy the flavoured variety a bit more! Tonic was the factor in my initial dislike of gin. Anyone else? I attended a Gin Tasting way back in July I think; which solidified my liking of gin.

Past Experience:

For Christmas, my friends bought tickets to a Prosecco and Gin Festival in Leeds. We have had a bit of bad luck with festivals like this in the past. One we had booked onto was cancelled last minute, however, the company failed to inform us that it had been cancelled. We turned up to Leeds Town Hall with other guests to find it all locked up and no event! It is safe to say this did not impress us, and we were a little cautious about this event.

Prosecco and Gin Festival

Luckily for us, this prosecco and gin festival was a sure thing. New Craven Hall was the venue of choice for the festival; and one I have visited previously. You may remember I attended Blog at the Beach back in July which was held here too.
The décor was simple, with lights draping around the room and a purple glow. There were vendors and ‘bars’ around the room; some of which were giving free tasters in the view that you buy the product. There were several sittings for the event; with us choosing the later one of 6p.m.

Interior view of New Craven Hall decor for the prosecco and gin festival.

As well as an abundance of gin and prosecco at the festival, there was also a pizza vendor. These looked so yummy and smelt amazing. A band of two also entertained the crowd for a short while with a few classic covers. They were great but didn’t really get the crowd going.

Two-man band playing on stage at new Craven Hall


Tickets for the event cost about £12, with a VIP experience ticket costing around £24. With both tickets, you have a glass to enjoy various concoctions of gin and prosecco. The cheaper ticket receiving a slim glass, and the VIP ticket receiving a gin glass. Including a brochure of the various bars and what gins and prosecco on offer for the night is also inside your glass. The brochure was quite handy in choosing our drinks; with it also offering which mixers would suit the gin best.

The festival works on a token system with a drink costing one token. There are a few exceptions of the prosecco and gin ‘cocktails’ costing two tokens. Each token cost £5 which means each drink was that price. I thought this was quite expensive for a drink, but then again, I always like to look for a bargain! I guess these are town prices.

Prosecco & Gin festival wall sign.

Keep Your Gin Up:

So, after purchasing three tokens, it was onto trying a few gins! There were four different bars to choose from, each with different gins. There were about 50+ gins to try! At the bars are the gins, with the mixers added at a separate station. The prosecco and sparkling wine section were actually at the bar of the venue. Tempting as it was to try a prosecco or two, I thought against mixing my drinks. Prosecco drunk and gin drunk are completely different, and I didn’t fancy experiencing a mix of these! 😂

One of the bar areas at the prosecco and gin festival and New Craven Hall, Leeds

Gin #1:

The first one I went for was violet gin (Zymurgorium Sweet Violet) mixing this with rose lemonade (Fentiman’s). It is recommended in the festival brochure to have this with lemonade or Indian Tonic water. Blueberries decorate the drink.
I quite liked this combination of flavours, and think the rose lemonade went really well with the sweet violet. It wasn’t too perfumed based either, as I thought it might be. I think this was one of my favourites that I tried during the festival.

Violet gin with rose lemonade and the prosecco and gin festival booklet.

Gin #2:

The second gin I tasted is another flavoured one, lavender (Masons Lavender Edition). I had to go with a Yorkshire gin being a Yorkshire Lass! You are recommended to pair this with tonic or ginger beer. I went with the latter; with the drink having a slice of lime as a garnish. I think this was my least favourite of the night. I just don’t think the ginger beer and lavender complemented each other at all. The ginger beer was way to fiery for the delicateness of the lavender. I may have to try this again with ginger ale, or even lemonade. Maybe the rose one would have been a better pairing!

Page of the prosecco and gin festival brochure / booklet, detailing Masons Lavender Edition gin.

Gin #3:

Gin number three of the festival (not of the night) came in the form of rhubarb and custard flavour (Nelsons Rhubarb and Custard). This is recommended as having neat over ice or with a premium tonic. I wasn’t too sure I was ready for neat gin, so I paired this with lemonade instead. I must say this was my second favourite of the three, it really did taste like the rhubarb and custard sweets you can get. The only thing with this was the lemonade overpowered it a bit, maybe the cheap post-mix lemonade would let the rhubarb and custard come through more.

Woman holding a drink of rhubarb and custard gin with lemonade in front of the prosecco and gin festival wall sign.

To Gin or Not To Gin?

I thought this festival was great, with the ticket pricing being quite reasonable. I think I would have probably tried more of the gins if maybe the pricing had been lower. Going for the VIP ticket does give you a free drink. But I’m not sure if that is worth the extra £10 or so. It is a festival I would attend again though, as it was nice trying the different gins on offer.

Three women in a selfie at the Prosecco and gin festival.

Have you attended a prosecco and gin festival before? What were your thoughts?

Would you attend a festival like this?

Thanks for reading!

28 thoughts on “Prosecco & Gin Festival – Let the Evening BeGin!

  1. This sounds like such a fun event! The violet gin with the rose lemonade sounds really nice. Wow, 50 gins is an impressive amount, I wouldn’t know which ones to pick, he he. It’s great there was pizza and a band there too. It sounds like an awesome experience and a great way to discover your next new favourite gin flavour. Thanks for sharing Aimsy, fab post! <3 xx

    Bexa |

    1. I love the rose lemonade on its own, but you can get at with gin in too!
      It was a good festival, and not too bad considering the ticket price. There is no way I would have gotten through the 50 though
      Thanks for commenting!

      Aimsy xoxo

    1. I thought I didn’t like gin, turned out to be the tonic. Some gins are quite perfume / strong tasting though. They are always great fun!

      Thanks for commenting!
      Aimsy xoxo

    1. Thanks for commenting 🙂
      I must admit that I prefer the fruity flavoured gins over ‘proper’ gin!

      Aimsy xoxo

    1. I think if the different vendors hadn’t have been so busy there would have been a good opportunity to have some extra free samples too!
      There was plenty of prosecco and sparkling wine on offer….so would have been perfect!

      Thanks for commenting!
      Aimsy xoxo

  2. Dude! 24 euros for VIP? 😮 That sounds awesome lol I’ve never went to a VIP event at home this reasonable (even when converted to my currency)…This event sounds like it was loads of fun and I’m glad you got to experience it and try new liquer 😀 The violet gin sounds totes refreshing tbh. Thanks for letting us in on your gin adventure…awesome post girl! <3

    xx Lena |

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment!
      I think I am used to cheap pub prices! Have you ever heard of Wetherspoons? (one of the cheapest pub brands in the UK) You can get a double gin for around the same price or less than what the tokens cost Saying that there isn’t the mass of variety that was at the event. I guess £24 is good when you look at it that way, especially with a free drink included and a glass to keep.
      Violet gin is lovely…don’t have it with ginger beer or ale though…not quite as nice!
      Glad you liked the gin adventure!
      Aimsy xoxo

  3. I love gin! It is such an amazing drink and so easy to combine with different flavours. I would love that festival, but it was maybe a bit too pricey. It would be great if they had like little samples to try and then decide on which you want to purchase.

    1. Yey a fellow gin lover!
      I much prefer with lemonade rather than tonic though. I think that would have been great to have a taster first…the vendors offering samples were too crowded and they expected you to buy the bottles after. It was a great event though!

      Aimsy xoxo

    1. Yeah, there was something for all. I would have tried the prosecco but didn’t want to mix my drinks.
      Thanks for commenting!

      Aimsy xoxo

  4. That sounds like so much fun, and those flavours sound really nice! It’s great that they had pizza too! I’ve never been to a prosecco or gin festival or any kind of drinks festival before. Nice photos, it looks like a great atmosphere! The drinks do sound more expensive than normal but I guess you are paying for the whole experience!

    1. Yeah, it was a great event to attend! My friend had a pizza, but I didn’t. It looked so nice though!
      If you ever get the chance to attend something like this I would highly recommend!
      Thanks for your comment!

      Aimsy xoxo

  5. Haha, gin always makes my head hurt in the next morning! This looks like such a fun event and by the sound of it, sounds like you had an amazing time 🙂 could do with a glass of Prosecco this evening tho!


    1. Yeah, it makes my head hurt too if I have too much! With the flavoured versions, you don’t always realise how much you are drinking as they are like pop! It was a great event, I would recommend attending something similar. You can’t beat a glass of prosecco either!
      Thanks for your comment

      Aimsy xoxo

    1. Oh, you so should try it…with lemonade. I think it tastes like the palm of violet sweets. Delicious!!

      Aimsy xoxo

  6. I love gin (and have recently decided to like tonic too!) so this is my idea of heaven! The rhubarb and custard one sounds lush!

    Jess xxx

    1. I am working in liking tonic! There are a few nicer flavoured ones now aren’t there? Oh the rhubarb and custard one was delicious!
      Thanks for commenting!

      Aimsy xoxo

    1. It was! Would definitely attend something similar in the future
      Thanks for your comment!

      Aimsy xoxo

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