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Today’s post is in the form of another tag. The Alphabet Advice Tag!

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you will have seen recently that I have posted a few tags and blogger awards.  The Autumn tagSunshine Blogger Award, and The Versatile blogger awards
This time around I was tagged into The A-Z Tag – The Alphabet Advice Tag, by the lovely Lorna Cole. Be sure to check out her A-Z Tag post here. I just want to thank Lorna for the tag. This is a tag with a bit of a difference and I really had to think what to put but was fun to come up with. 

What is the Alphabet Advice Tag?

Well, the basic principle of the tag is to offer advice beginning with each letter of the alphabet. That’s right, right from A-Z. Some are a bit more difficult to think of (hello X!) but I think I have managed to get one for each letter. Check out my alphabet advice tag below:


Ask questions. There is never a daft question, and it is how we learn.


Be kind to others. Always! You never know what someone is going through.


Count your blessings often. You never know what is around the corner.


Dance often.


Explore the world, even if its your own town. There are always new things to discover.


Flowers are the best. Whether they are inside or outside in the garden, they add a bit of colour to life.


Give without expectations. Don’t expect to receive anything back.


Have fun, always!


Indulge in things you like every once in a while. Everything in moderation.


Joke often, but not at others’ expense.


Kick out negativity from your life.


Love what you do, if you don’t, find something you do.


Make every day count.


No regrets! Your past has shaped who you are.


Opportunities. Grasp new ones, you never know where they might lead.


Practice makes perfect…or so they say.


Quiet time is important. Take time to unwind.


Rule your own life.


Sing often, it does wonders for your soul (even if you can’t sing!)


Time is a great healer.


Unique. Be unique, if we were all the same then the world would be boring!


Vow to be the best version of you.


Why not? Ask yourself this often.


Xmas is more than presents and decorations, it is about family, friends and giving.


Young at heart. Being an adult is hard sometimes, why not release your inner child every once in a while.


Zoom out. Take other’s perspectives into account, even if you don’t agree.

So there is my alphabet advice tag. Hopefully, there is some good advice in there and you enjoyed reading it! Is there any that stick out for you?

Here are my 5 tags for the alphabet tags:
Let me know if you carry out the tag, i would love to read your posts!

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As always, thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “The A-Z Tag – The Alphabet Advice Tag

  1. I was trying to pick a key few to say “I really liked these pieces of advice the best!” but I genuinely couldn’t pick!! All so good and important to remember. I think the one that resonates most with me at the moment is exploring – there’s a whole world out there, and as someone who didn’t have a passport until she was 22, my recent adventures have been fuel to my wanderlust fire, and I really want to see the world! I know people say things like save up and don’t waste money on lavish holidays but I don’t see how it’s a waste – it helps us grow and learn about each other, and become better people!

    Rhianna x

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