The Ivy Victoria Quarter | A Swanky Evening out in Leeds

The Ivy Victoria Quarter Review -

This past weekend my friends treated me to a belated meal out at The Ivy Victoria Quarter in Leeds. Here is what I thought of my time spent there.

The Ivy Victoria Quarter:

The Ivy Victoria Quarter is within the Victoria Quarter in Leeds city centre. Opening in September 2018, and is an addition to the ever-growing ‘Ivy’ chain. The restaurant offers two floors of dining with a bar area that can seat twelve people. Beautifully decorated in florals, bright colours and just pure decadence. I especially like the art-deco feel to the place; something that I have always liked in decor.

The toilets are just as nicely decorated as the rest of the place (I love checking out the restaurant’s toilets!). A beautiful room fragrance hits you as you walk into the toilets, however, you do leave tasting it afterwards. Not so pleasant! The tiles in the toilets look hand painted and definitely carry on the theme of the restaurant.

The entrance to The Ivy Victoria Quarter
Inside the Ivy Victoria Quater - several tables with leaf pattern chairs
Brightly decorated walls of The Ivy Leeds
Brightly pattern walls with tables and chairs contrasting at The Ivy Leeds
Gold and flower printed tiles with gold rimmed mirrors and sinks underneath

An Evening Out:

As this was a belated birthday meal out, my friend’s had booked a table for 5 p.m on a Friday evening. This is a perfect time to book a table; as the restaurant isn’t too busy but still has plenty of atmosphere.

During the week there is a set dining menu; which offers three courses for £21 which is a bit of a bargain for The Ivy. We opted to try dishes that weren’t on the set menu; as nothing on the set menu really jumped out at us.

The Ivy's main a la carte menu in Leeds


The Ivy Victoria Quarter has a vast drinks menu; including wines, beers and cocktails. All varying in price; however, you should expect to pay a bit more; one with it being The Ivy and two with it being in the centre of town. I had a lovely cocktail which cost just under £9. The Honeysuckle Daiquiri served in a coupe glass. This cocktail contains rum, honey, lemon and orange juices; finished with mint and edible flowers. I must say this was a lovely cocktail, and one I would definitely get again! How beautiful is the touch of the flowers on the top?

My friends opted for a pink gin and tonic, and a glass of prosecco. Again all fairly priced with the G&T being around £10 and the prosecco being under £7 for a glass.

Aimsy's Antics holding up a cocktail inside the Ivy
View of the honeysuckle daiquiri from above

The Ivy Victoria Quarter Mains:

Skipping on the set menu, we went straight for the main meals. There are a plethora of dishes to try from the main menu or a la carte menu, all great for whatever your preference. There are quite a few dishes for the seafood lover; as well as options for vegetarians and vegans. These dishes can also be found on their separate menu.

Two of us opted for the chicken Milanese. This is basically chicken breast in a brioche crumb with San Marzanino tomatoes, capers, rocket, Parmesan and pesto. Adding parmesan and truffle thick cut chips as a side. The chicken dish costs £15.95, with the added chips costing £4.50, so definitely not a cheap meal; but then again you are at The Ivy. I must say this dish is delicious. It has the right balance of crispiness to the crumb but without the chicken being dry. The added topping of the capers, tomatoes, pesto, rocket and parmesan really adds to the dish. You need the addition of the side dish to make this a full meal though.

The other dish sampled was The Ivy’s fish and chips. This dish looked really tasty, with a decent amount of battered fish arriving on the plate. The batter appeared to have just the right amount of thickness and crispiness too. The tartare sauce comes separately with a beautiful decanter of vinegar too.

Chicken Milanese on a white plate
Chicken Milanese with parmesan and truffle chips and cocktail in the background


There is a great range of desserts to sample at The Ivy Victoria Quarter; including a cheeseboard, tarts, cakes and ice cream. We decided to share a dessert; choosing the very delicious and decadent ‘Chocolate Bomb’. This dessert is amazing! I am so glad we shared it though, as I feel this would be too much to eat on your own, that is unless you have an incredible sweet tooth.

The chocolate bomb consists of a vanilla ice cream and honeycomb centre wrapped up in a ball of chocolate; with a hot salted caramel sauce to pour over and melt the chocolate. Heaven in a dessert! I think there may also be some form of popping candy in this; unless it is the honeycomb crackling in your mouth. I would highly recommend this dessert.

As well as this dessert; the waiter brought me a little birthday treat. A small cream filled tart decorated with raspberries and a ‘Happy Birthday’ chocolate. A candle added a finishing touch to it.

The Ivy's chocolate bomb with caramel sauce being poured onto the middle
View from above of the chocolate bomb
Happy birthday cream tart with a lit candle

A Swanky Evening Out at The Ivy Victoria Quarter:

All in all, this was a great evening out. A great way to celebrate an occasion. I would like to try the set menu at one point; as I think this is great value; although limiting with the choices available. The service was great; with all waiters being friendly. My only complaint would be that there was a bit of a delay in our orders being taken; which isn’t a problem if you are unable to decide what you would like.

Also on offer is an afternoon tea; with the option of adding prosecco. I think this is around £26 or £27 per person, which is fairly steep. Reading the menu there doesn’t appear to be a great amount of choice with the afternoon tea; so I am not sure whether I would try this one. I am partial to an afternoon tea though!

Have you been to The Ivy Victoria Quarter or another one of their branches? Let me know in the comments below!

If you are looking for other places to eat in Leeds, why not try Amalthea Bistro, and Comptoir Libanis?

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12 thoughts on “The Ivy Victoria Quarter | A Swanky Evening out in Leeds

    1. Oh, it is, isn’t it?! Definitely, a great place to go for a special occasion or to treat yourself. There are loads of Ivy’s around the UK now too!

      Thanks for commenting 🙂

      Aimsy xoxo

  1. I LOVE The Ivy!! We have one in Bristol and one very close in Bath, too. My partner and I went there last year to celebrate our 5 year anniversary and it was so wonderful but we did fork out £140 for only 2 of us which was a bit mad… The decor is bloody gorgeous and so different and I also had the chocolate bomb, bit embarrassed to admit that I did wolf down the entire thing though hahaha! I love afternoon tea but their menu looks so average for that price… I’ve had WAY nicer afternoon teas for half of that amount!
    Alice Xx

    1. There is just something about the place isn’t there?! I know this won’t be my only visit.
      I think it’s a great place to celebrate something special like your 5th anniversary! A real treat for you guys! The chocolate bomb is a damn good dessert though!
      My thoughts are exactly the same as you with the afternoon tea. (It didn’t look that special either)

      Thanks for commenting!

      Aimsy xoxo

  2. Wow, this looks like such an awesome place! The decor is stunning and the food and drinks look heavenly! The chicken dish looks delicious and wow, that chocolate bomb, what a fantastic dessert! I’ve never been to The Ivy, but by looking at this post I think I need to try this place! It seems perfect for an occasional treat or birthday celebration. Thanks for sharing Aimsy, glad you had a wonderful time! <3 xx

    Bexa |

    1. Oh, it is definitely a great place for an occasional treat or birthday celebration. I would love to try a few more dishes on the menu, and would definitely go for the chocolate bomb again!

      Thanks for commenting!

      Aimsy xoxo

  3. Your opening paragraph had me giggling, I’m exactly the same, a venue’s toilets set the tone for how I feel about the place (which is made when you think I haven’t come to visit them!). Your cocktails and desserts look like the food of dreams, almost too pretty to consume. This sounds like a lovely treat, I’m so glad you had a good birthday, kudos to your friends and their excellent taste! X Lisa

    1. I know right?! They made a fab choice! Deffo a lovely treat.
      Oh, I always judge the place on how nice the toilets are haha, and these are very nice toilets! haha! Glad I am not alone in this.
      There were quite a few cocktails on the menu that looked nice, so will definitely have to try them out in the future.

      Thanks for commenting 🙂

      Aimsy xoxo

    1. Thanks! It is a lovely place to visit if you ever gt chance. I love the decor!
      Thanks for commenting 🙂

      Aimsy xoxo

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